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SCOTUS blocks disclosure of unredacted Mueller report

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The Supreme Court temporarily blocks the release of former special counsel Robert Mueller's grand jury material to the Democratic-led House of Representatives..
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Reuters photo 1 SCOTUS blocks disclosure of unredacted... Reuters photo 2 SCOTUS blocks disclosure of unredacted... Reuters photo 3 SCOTUS blocks disclosure of unredacted... Reuters photo 4 SCOTUS blocks disclosure of unredacted...

The swamp at its best

by Alan L 2 weeks ago

Of course after the election! No one is surprised. Boy, we need a deep cleaning of the real swamp.

by Irma Vera 2 weeks ago

I've got nothing to hide but you can't see it anyway

by Morphic c 2 weeks ago

Of course they did. . .corruption is winning right now 🤬

by Sheryl Chapman 2 weeks ago

we the people paid for that report.

by Carl Kolchak 2 weeks ago

After epstein, I knew no justice will come to these people

by Solar Snake 2 weeks ago

Of course they would do anything to keep a secret. 🤦🏼‍♂️

by Ahmad Haruman 2 weeks ago

When people say they want more government transparency, blatant political corruption wasn't exactly what we had in mind.

by CaptBeardie 2 weeks ago

I really think this country is reaching a tipping point. If it hasn't already, that is.

by Tim Phillips 2 weeks ago

Redacted reports. Witness-free trials. Whistleblowers fired. 'Merica 2020 - pity us

by Dave Tam 2 weeks ago

Obviously they would try to hide this during a pandemic

by Brandon Jones 2 weeks ago

SCOTUS: We don't want the courts to become politicized. Also SCOTUS: lemme just step in here and ignore precedence.

by monkey314159 2 weeks ago

I had scotus once, my thing itched for weeks

by Bob by 2 weeks ago

And why would they do that? You know the answer, you just don't want to believe it.

by Tyler Harris 2 weeks ago

Democracy has officially failed.

by Matt Wooten 2 weeks ago

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