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Wearing a mask is 'not complicated,' says Mitch McConnell

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Louisville, Kentucky repeated his call for people to wear masks, saying it 'is not complicated' and those in public life should encourage it.
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When you're Party and "News" network constantly criticizes wearing face masks, apparently it is.

by Jesse Torres 2 hours ago

Interesting to see Moscow Mitch distancing himself from Trump now that Trump's poll numbers are in a free fall and McConnell has to worry about losing his own seat.

by Mark Green 2 hours ago

Why couldn't he say this months ago get rid of this puppet for the rich

by Kellie Mandarino 2 hours ago

Plus, a mask could only improve his looks...

by John Texas 1 hour ago

BUNKERBOY is going to be mad at the turtle. He wants to keep his seat but keep his knee on the necks of voters.

by Gwendolyn Beatty 22 minutes ago

He and his president put tens of thousands of Americans in their graves.

by Steve G 45 minutes ago

The GOP will abandon Trump. Just like the GOP did with w/ Bush 1 & 2, McCain and Romney. When history proves Trump to be an epic failure, the current MAGA crowd will claim they were always anti-Trump, then move on to the next self-destructive political ideologue.

by Marcus Cooper 1 hour ago

Trump: "130000 Americans Dead, 2.9M infected, Thank God these are not embryos, GOP would be outraged"

by Cybr Friends 1 hour ago

Are you kidding me? Now? Now he promotes masks? Lord have mercy!! Nope. He has to go,

by Sandra Maldonado 1 hour ago

I'm supporting former Marine fighter pilot Amy McGrath for Senator in Kentucky She has 20 years of service and has flown 89 combat mission for her country. She is a much better choice than the turtle who hides in his shell and protects Trump.

by D. K. 1 hour ago

Hmmmmmm interesting. I've noticed a pattern over the years where high officials will lean towards an "unpopular" direction (Trump) but then when they know that president will lose upcoming election they start leaning the opposite way. Trying to appease future President and avoid any wrong doing? Or maybe someone he knows died from coronoa and he finally woke up. Just watching this whole video and waiting for the snake to pop out and strike.

by G. R 45 minutes ago

Wow moscow mitch must be worried about his ranking on competition for his position...
As you named yourself the grim reaper.... so you should feel the raft of Your lies and deception....time for you to be replaced!

by Think About it 1 hour ago

It is when you work construction and your company’s requires you to wear a mask even though it’s 100degrees outside 😩

by Meeko Drip 26 minutes ago

another case of mitch getting worried over getting re elected!! what a con-crook!

by Richard Noble 15 minutes ago

Too late Mitch . You should resigned now don’t be so greedy ! take your greedy wife with you !

by Mic Little 18 minutes ago

Just go on another vacation. If you really cared you would pass additional stimulus package for Front Line Essential Workers. Now you are telling people to wear masks after many have gotten infected and died, maybe you should have said something months ago, instead of worrying about your vacations!

by B Lewis 1 hour ago

Well duh? 👉己0己0 - ㄒ卄🝗 丫🝗闩尺 ㄖチ 七卄🝗 讠ᗪ讠ㄖ七丂👈

by T.BONE/SIDE OF LIFE 2 hours ago

If anybody needs a mask mitch does.

by Paul Green 26 minutes ago

This administration is confusing

by ThePrattLP 2 hours ago

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