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Rod Wave - Girl Of My Dreams (Official Music Video)

#ghetto gospel #kevin gates #hunger games 3 #rod wave #Music
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#rodwave #girlofmydreams #pray4love
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Directed by Brett Arndt

#ptsd #hunger games

RodWave photo 1 Rod Wave - Girl Of... RodWave photo 2 Rod Wave - Girl Of... RodWave photo 3 Rod Wave - Girl Of... RodWave photo 4 Rod Wave - Girl Of...

He’s the only rapper that gets me without knowing me😭( Thank y’all for 1.7k likes❤️ I’m low key waiting for Rod to pin this comment 😭)

by Penelope 3 weeks ago

Is it me or I just realized he didn’t swear once 🥴😵

by Mg Garel 2 weeks ago

Y’all ever messed sum up and the only thing u can think about is what u could’ve done differently

by FeelThatVibe Edits 2 weeks ago

Can’t nobody tell me this man hasn’t had his heart broken at least 10 times in his life

by NoLifeNoshi 2 weeks ago

Everyone listening to this always have someone they thinking about when they hear this song!(6 days later I got more likes on this then my subs!😂)

by Astro Shady 1 week ago

Rod wave will have u missing ya ex that don’t even exist

by Cannon Perkins 3 weeks ago

"I dont need another broken heart or sleepless night"💔💯💯

by Buddy Scarver 2 weeks ago

This is my favorate song now like if your with me

by yasio bolo 1 week ago

rodwave: yeaa

by Kiari.! 3 weeks ago

Everybody gangster til rod wave start playing 💀😅

by INDYA’S LIFE 2 weeks ago

He’s a legend. That’s it. That’s the comment.

by colton thompson 2 weeks ago

Rod wave is the rapper rn this is how many people agree like it to see

by anthony tuck 1 week ago

I have a feeling one who likes this will win a mega million lottery this year🔥🔥🔥

by Jey k 3 weeks ago

Y'all ever feel like someone is too good to be true and just cant trust that person

by Surina Philips 1 week ago

The funniest thing is that you will never know why this comment has so many likes

by TRE GOT THAT GAME 3 weeks ago

Whoever’s idea it was to move the comment section needs to go to jail.

by Getoutofmydick 2 weeks ago

Idk but this song makes me wanna cry i haven't cryed in almost 2 years

by XteddybearX 1 week ago

No body:

not a soul:

Lyric prank guys: Back again with this lyric prank on my crush

by BROKENCHILD KY 2 weeks ago

“She look like girl of my Dre-e-emes 🥺”🌨 - that could explains my mood

by OG UNCLE RO 1 week ago

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