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6.29 RMU: Trump 'white power' retweet; Miss. to nix state flag; LGBT talks BLM

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6.29.20 #RolandMartinUnfiltered: Trump 'white power' retweet sparks outrage; Mississippi to remove state flag; Backlash for track owner offering 'Bubba rope'; Never-Trump group stings #45 and Putin in new ad; Say What?!? Houston prosecutor compares BLM to nazis; St. Louis mayor reads the names and addresses of people who support #DefundPolice; BLM LGBTQ activists speak out; COVID-19 continues to surge: #Karen freaks out at Trader Joes
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Roland S. Martin photo 1 6.29 RMU: Trump 'white power'... Roland S. Martin photo 2 6.29 RMU: Trump 'white power'... Roland S. Martin photo 3 6.29 RMU: Trump 'white power'... Roland S. Martin photo 4 6.29 RMU: Trump 'white power'...

The straight black community doesnโ€™t care about your sexual desire

by Pancho Villa 4 days ago

Where was Trumps outrage all the times they shot up Emmitt Tills plaque

by B Foster 4 days ago

Taking symbolism of racism down is a huge step of change.

by true community 4 days ago

Like I said before Roland he's doing all of this on purpose. HE WANTS OUT PERIOD.

by Joe Bill 4 days ago

The Ripofflicans are afraid of trump because he probably have dirt on all of them.

by Blacka2tone 4 days ago

How come they always struggle with production on this show?? Someone's either tired or soon to be fired.

It looks amateur goddammit! Pleeeease do better ๐Ÿ™

by 2020Vision 4 days ago

ROLAND you need to give us an update on the young lady that was attacked at McDonald's

by Michelle James 4 days ago

Take the power of the black athletes a step further and tell me how different things would be for black people if black athletes went to HBCUs. Then we would see "Black Power".

by Willie Deloney 4 days ago

Mustafa looks like Stephen A. Smith with locks!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ First time seeing him without a hat!!

by Michael J Robinson II 4 days ago

This David Johns guy is a tool of white supremacy.. he's focused on gay sexual access, not black empowerment.. he said 70% of HS kids DOES NOT identify as heterosexual.. but didn't provide a source of that "data"

by Bob Sanders ADOS 4 days ago

What is (in) a person's โค๏ธ heart. Will come (Out) Of Their (mouth)

by rowan murray 4 days ago

In a few words he told the reporter LISTEN :: JUST STAY IN YOUR SLAVERY MENTALITY

by rowan murray 4 days ago

White House political advisor Stephen Miller went on CNN's 'State of the Union' and lost his cool.

by Countess Crenchaw 1 day ago

Its amazing that in the midst of all this with everything going on these "white" folk just cant help but to continue exposing they self

by rest laxation 4 days ago

the Mayor of St Louis is pro-police and has been boycotted before

by MultiLaughs88 4 days ago

Why canโ€™t Michael wear Omega psi phi? Someone explain

by Kevin Thibedeoux 4 days ago

That Jer'mykeal McCoy is a smart cookie. I hope he gets elected in Richmond. I'll definitely donate to him.

by dmaster2 4 days ago


by Ernestine Dingle 4 days ago

The MO couple live in gated community that is closed to vehicles but not to foot traffic. The peaceful protesters were walking on the sidewalk and in the street. The MO couple came out of their house brandishing weapons. Both are lawyers and should know better!!!!

by Sstuff Branham 4 days ago

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