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Never forget Tony, all of this didnt happen cause of Ethan. It happened because of you, and the fact that people care about you. Ethan just showed alot of us how precious of a human you are. You did this yourself though, finally getting the love and attention you derserve! Love from Sweden <3

by Nichlas Näsström 2 weeks ago

I can't believe how someone can be mean to this guy, he is such a wholesome guy i just wanna hug him

by Duck Poppy 1 week ago

Lowkey: Waking up at 2:26 AM to a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and redemption is a vibe.

by Strange 1 week ago

I love how he didn’t even mention keemstars name once 😂 but tony if you read this I hope you’re having a great life and bless your family. What your doing everyday is exactly what I plan for when I get old :)) and I’m sure a lot of people are dropping their rsn and saying corny shit like this but if you read this and want to play runescape with a stranger to mix it up once and a while I’m 1000% down :)) RSN: Tatum Guthix

by Termazel * 1 week ago

This dude is drinking hot coffee from a red solo cup and smoking AND streaming RuneScape at 2 :30 in the morning? Absolute legend.

by Lord Ainz Ooal Gown 2 weeks ago

This is even better than Keemstar losing his G Fuel sponsor

by Chandler Burton 1 week ago

I could listen to this man talk for hours quite soothing

by Aagaz B 1 week ago

Everyone that disliked this doesn't deserve presents for Christmas

by Kez 1 week ago

It’s so sad to see that he hasn’t liked any of the comments :( he’s scared to look through them and see false accusations about him and get himself down. I might cry. He is so sweet and I’m sure a smaller channel would love to see the response to this video but he can’t because he thinks keemstars goons will spam this vid

by Ethan Krueger 1 week ago

Imagine this man being the face of Gfuel instead of keemster

by Dolorès Donk 2 weeks ago

“Even after death I still love her ❤️” thats wheN I cried lol

by kittyxshojo 1 week ago

You're such a great human being. Keemstar is really heartless to call u names. God bless u

by MacS3ood 1 week ago

I only know you from h3, I'm so sorry what has been happening to you, sending love your way

by Chloe Salisbury 1 week ago

“I’m drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette” -Legend 2020

by O K 1 week ago

You need a real crown on your head.

by Rusty spoon 2 weeks ago

Youtube just recommended this to me with an actual notification. I’m glad.

by Collin Pierce 1 week ago

Petition for this man to replace Keemstar and rename the show GrandpaAlert

by GabzitoHD 1 week ago

Honestly this is one of the greatest people on the planet, Mr. Beast needs to bless this man to truly change his life and his family’s lives

by BaconToGo 1 week ago

Imagine being such a sad little pathetic person that you dislike this video

by Zach G 1 week ago

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