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Iran accused of not upholding nuclear deal amid US arms embargo

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Iranโ€™s foreign minister addressed the UN Security Council to respond to a report claiming that the country failed to uphold its end of the nuclear deal. This comes as both the US and Israel are calling for the current arms embargo to be extended indefinitely. RT Americaโ€™s Rachel Blevins has the details..
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#what happened to the Irna nuclear deal #UN #Iran nuclear deal #what is the Iran nuclear deal

RT America photo 1 Iran accused of not upholding... RT America photo 2 Iran accused of not upholding... RT America photo 3 Iran accused of not upholding... RT America photo 4 Iran accused of not upholding...

What about the Us? Why nobody is accusing the Us for not upholding Iran's nuclear deal?

by The Red Pill 2 days ago

It was Trump who broke the nuclear deal when he became president in office

by 3 wolfs down 2 days ago

Just more proof that the REAL "axis of evil" is the Govt's of the US, Israel and SA.

by ElectricCult 2 days ago

Does anyone like, or believe Washington or Israel anymore.

by peter van 2 days ago

If the US gets a UN Resolution against it, they'll just veto it. lol No one in the world trusts the US anymore, except Israel, and that's only because they control the US.

by Escape the Matrix 2 days ago

Every country has right to their own nuke for their country security

by GRANDS GUERRIERS 2 days ago

The UN is a partial und useless tool of the US and its allies to carry out oppressive and wicked act around the world.

by Truth & Fiction 2 days ago

The Israel have used their along arm relation with the US to bully Iran.

by JJ Hen 2 days ago

Considering it was President Dump that pull America out of the deal, Iran's got no obligation to listen to whatever The United States whines about.

by W 2 days ago

No surprise there, the UN ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ณ is a giant farce, another extension of the tentacles of Imperialism, Zionism and ultimately Satanism.

by PandaBubbah1 2 days ago

There should be a photo of Pompeo in the dictionary to illustrate the word "Hypocrite".

by Jim Meeks 2 days ago

And America is free to invade other nations illegally for the benefit of there master in Israel Iran has the right to defend itself with any means

by Kye Warden 2 days ago

War gives vote for a sitting president, just not this time.

by Train Crash Ahead 2 days ago

America walked out and EUROPE failed to hold up their agreement and Iran that abided to the letter is at fault. No lie no crime too much for the west.

by yfelwulf 2 days ago

To solve this issue is for Iran to create nuclear weapons that is what I think should happen

by Jozi ilunga 2 days ago

Every city in the world is in the crosshairs of the US and they are constantly threatening 'freedom of navigation' especially near China, Venezuela, Russia and Iran. It is obvious that the US does not care about international law unless there is a country that won't obey them.

by Zen Surfer 2 days ago

Seems the United States Government is fully crazy, they withdrew from the Nuclear deal then put more sanctions on Iran and now gone to the UN telling them Iran is violating the Nuclear deal can you believe that. The craziest thing I have seen from a government. America becoming a sick country day by day.

by P Smith 2 days ago

Hypocrisy of America. It has more nukes than Iran, yet Iran gets condemned.

by SomeRandomGuy 2 days ago

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