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Iran: Explosion at Tehran medical centre leaves at least 3 injured

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At least 3 people are believed to have been injured following an explosion at a medical centre in Tehran on Tuesday.
Several emergency response units, including ambulances and firefighters, were seen deployed on site as smoke billowed from the building.
According to reports, the incident happened in one of the ground floors of Sina Athar Medical Center close to Quds Square, after a gas canister is thought to have exploded.
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It is anthony hospital fire in illinois usa

by fbeA w lYf 1 day ago

It is hartford hospital fire in connecticut usa

by Zfr 1 day ago

Unfortunately my cousin died in this situation and I’m really sad

by Maryam Bahadori 1 day ago

It was close to my house, the explosion sound was massive. I hope it's just an accident, not something beyond that

by Sina Shojae 2 days ago

17-18 dead 15 were women.

by Hesam0000 2 days ago

رحمه الله کسانی که فوت کردند بهشت فردوس نسیبشان انشالله

by Neat dirty Twats 6 hours ago

The cause of the accident was reported to be an explosion of oxygen gas capsules.

by Persian Empire 2 days ago


by Iz asb 1 day ago

It’s not one of those ventilators that exploded like it did in a Russian hospital just recently..

by Foxy Lady 2 days ago

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