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Different Mintality

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Some people say we're not savvy my business people. But my brother can suck it. #MintMobile

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He recorded that while floating in his swimming pool full of nothing but money and candy floss and I begrudge him not

by JimElford 6 hours ago

“We convinced a celebrity to pay us!”

Now that’s a business strategy

by Aitor Rodriguez 5 hours ago

Excitedly clicked on the ad. And watched it like a thriller movie.

by ANUSHA KS 6 hours ago

This guy makes me watch advertisements by my own choice... what the hell

by Argena S 6 hours ago

“Sorry, we’re closed. Sorry, we never existed.” 😂 😂 😂 😂

by Kingidiot 5 hours ago

This is what deadpool does on his free time

by Xraiden 6 hours ago

Advertisers everywhere:
"Wait, THIS is what people want? We don't have to like, force them to watch our ads? We just need to make it interesting? What!?"

by TheHigherFury 4 hours ago

no commercial like a Ryan Reynolds commercial

by zaddy larrie 6 hours ago

Youtube: 4 comments

Me: can I see them



by Memes And vids 6 hours ago

Can we all just agree that this "Free Guy" has a smoking hot wife?

by Jeffrey Loveless 5 hours ago

That voice. Dayumm. Can't even get Mint here, but I still want to give them my money. Witchcraft!

by Daniel Curtin 6 hours ago

ngl, I was expecting that blonde to turn around, revealing Blake, and Ryan narrating "and instead of paying a celebrity millions of dollars to endorse our brand, I got my wife to do it for a foot massage instead."

by b̲r̲e̲a̲d̲ 6 hours ago

I don't even have a cellular device, but I still watched.

by Shane Bangs 4 hours ago

I live in India, I've got nothing to do with Mint Mobile but damn, I can't resist a Ryan Reynolds ad.

by Piyush Dwivedi 6 hours ago

He's on different league when it's come to advertising.

by Sameep Shirbhayye 4 hours ago

It’s almost embarrassing how fast I clicked to watch an advertisement. Only Ryan can make me do this.

by Donna Kelechi 6 hours ago

How can Mint Mobile afford Ryan Reynolds’ voiceover??? 😘😂

by epicvoiceguy 4 hours ago

that feeling when you choose to watch an ad but its ryan reynolds so it doesnt even feel bad

by Weaboo Heaven 6 hours ago

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