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Cooking My Boyfriends Favorite Meal!

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Ryland Adams photo 1 Cooking My Boyfriends Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 2 Cooking My Boyfriends Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 3 Cooking My Boyfriends Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 4 Cooking My Boyfriends Favorite Meal!

Welcome back to the cooking show! I hope you enjoy today's video. What should we cook next???

by Ryland Adams 9 months ago

Okay hear me out...Julien & Ryland cook a vegan meal together. While Jenna & Shane drink wine & talk shit in leisure suits....

by Amber Burrows 9 months ago

"I thought I looked- I thought I looked nice. I thought I looked nice. I was under the impression that I looked okay, but interesting." 😳

by cactus party 3 months ago

I love how every time Ryland cooks he cleans before he eats. It’s a very mom thing 😂

by DARLA GAY 4 months ago

25 minutes of Ryland being stressed but also iconic, Shane being a casual yet dramatic queen, and Andrew literally just vibing

by Tay M 3 months ago

no one:
not a soul:

“i thought i looked nice 🥺”

by s0ur milk 2 months ago

ryland: we all looked BAD

Andrew: i- i thought i looked nice..

by samlovespups 2 months ago

No one :
Andrew in the thumbnail : 👁👅👁

by Valersia GL 2 months ago

Andrew was a whole mood when he said he talks to himself.

by cat awesome 2 months ago

Ryland: we haven’t planned our wedding because Shane is very busy
Shane: puts on lip gloss for 3 hours straight

by Cords and Wires 9 months ago

shane: “i know how to smash garlic”
also shane: literally uses the palm of his hand to smash the garlic

by sarah :b 2 months ago

Ryland: “were gonna start planning the wedding next year”

2020: haha that’s a funny joke.

by Carla Gonzalez 2 months ago

“With instructions, pre-packaged ingredients, shipped right to your door- I can’t believe you made this” HAHAHAHAH ANDREW RLFOCOC

by Clammy Cammy 4 months ago

i also talk to myself Andrew, it’s actually something that helps me reduce stress and anxiety

by shannn 3 months ago

andrew is literally so much more talkative than usual and i love it

by leilasbored 9 months ago

I find it so cute that Shane waited for Ryland to finish saying his sentence before talking, even though he was super excited.

by Ivy Mulhern 4 months ago

andrew is adorable he will always be a member of the group. they have gotten so close

by Katarina Adele 2 months ago

“That’s the tea....lukewarm”
He’s spent too much time with Shane and Ryland XD

by Sophie Langlands 2 months ago

Oh my god Andrew is so cute “I- I was under the impression that I looked okay-“

by Gracie P 2 months ago

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