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Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal!

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Ryland Adams photo 1 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 2 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 3 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal! Ryland Adams photo 4 Cooking My Sisters Favorite Meal!

Kind of freaks me out at how quiet Shane is while filming this lol

by Tiara Sosa 1 week ago

I’m glad people aren’t attacking ryland for Shane’s past mistakes.

Edit: Please don’t comment what Shane did, I fully know what he did. I don’t agree with what he did/said but they were poor jokes in a different time. This is stuff from a decade ago. (Which keep in mind he has been a big figure and relevant for years even when he was doing that stuff which further shows it was a completely different time.)

by Im Bored 6 days ago

Whatever you do people, please do not attack Ryland and Morgan over Shane's past. Thank you. They're not him. They do not deserve any hate.

by Teddie Sage 5 days ago

Something is definitely wrong. Shane not laughing and being all serious, and Rylands not wearing his engagement ring? And he has wore it before when cooking!.

by Laura Valles 5 days ago

It’s weird because so much has changed ever since this video

by Clarisse 6 days ago

The fact that Andrew isn't laughing every 5 seconds doesn't sit right with me.

by Denisa Carmen 1 week ago

Everyone missing Andrew and his laugh and worried about Shane
Me: where tf Is Garret

by Jonah Powell 6 days ago

I'm sorry but Shane not laughing the entire video makes this whole thing super super awkward

by Ella Sarti 3 days ago

The way shane is just detached and silent is uncomfortable and odd

by Kelsey Kleynenberg 4 days ago

Anyone else think it’s weird that Shane is completely silent during the video?

by Isabella Valdez 5 days ago

LILIES ARE VERY POISONOUS TO CATS!!!! PLEASE throw them out or absolutely make sure Cheeto doesn’t get on the table island anywhere near them! 90% of cats don’t survive even just touching them! The pollen and entire flower is extremely toxic to cats!!!!!!

by cheyenne hall 1 week ago

the tension in that kitchen is asssstronomical

by cira byrne 5 days ago

Ex-Subway employee here. To answer Morgan’s question; the mayo tastes different because it’s not made with eggs ✌🏻

by MJ 5 days ago

ryland: “cooking my sisters favorite meal” morgan: has never tried it before

by taylor mcmahon 1 week ago

Ryland is making such a powerful statement in this video. He’s with Morgan almost immediately after she unfollowed Jeffree on social media, obviously taking his sister’s side. He’s not wearing his engagement ring. And Shane, despite filming, is deathly silent and the one time he’s shown looks visibly pissed. I knew I stanned the Adams. They’re not here for Shane or Jeffree’s messiness.

by WhiteRaven696 5 days ago

Just making sure nobody’s hating on Ryland for Shane’s actions... 👀

by car_mahon 5 days ago

Ryland is such a pure soul please nobody attack him for Shane’s stupid actions.🥺

by VibrantVampire0 4 days ago

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