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Entire House Makeover for Christmas!

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Ryland Adams photo 1 Entire House Makeover for Christmas! Ryland Adams photo 2 Entire House Makeover for Christmas! Ryland Adams photo 3 Entire House Makeover for Christmas! Ryland Adams photo 4 Entire House Makeover for Christmas!

I hope you guys like todays video :)) I love decorating the house like the true mom that I am🎄🎄

by Ryland Adams 6 months ago

Shane being filmed is always like he’s been in a coma for 5 years and has no idea what’s happening.

by Kitty Meows 6 months ago

Shane: paying attention to cheeto
Ryland in the background: dying

by alex_rug 6 months ago

I really like how grounded and patient Ryland is.

by Dan Listee 6 months ago

shane- “they don’t care about my lumps...”
“it isn’t lumpmas”

by Megan Salmela 6 months ago

Ryland: Struggling getting Christmas boxes.

Shane: Crying because his cat is sniffing a snail decoration.

by Ruby Hart 1 month ago

I feel like Ryland is gonna be the dad who comes up with all the gifts and Shane will be the one who is equally as surprised as the kids when they open the presents

by JaimeLyric 6 months ago

😂Ryland is freaking dying and Shane is filming the cat and the snail.

by Leylani Cotts 6 months ago

Boxes falling and Ryland screaming
Shane: this snail planter tho

by Reagan or som 6 months ago

Ryland is so fun to watch. He has such positive energy and I love how he is excited to do everything :)

by Jordyn 6 months ago

Shane doesn’t realize how actually cute he is. He’s also so selfless and sweet. In one of the videos he swatted Ryland and automatically without thought was like: “omg I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hit you 🥺” they are so pure

by Ivy Mulhern 4 months ago

How is no one else triggered by ryland saying “wreef” and “ordaments”

by bssni touir 6 months ago

Shane looks really really out of it. Like he’s had too much Xanax or something. Is he okay?

by Megan Hill 6 months ago

I hate that Shane sounded so sad when he said “I’m too fat for that” like he’s so attractive idk what he sees 😰

by Saoirse Carruthers 6 months ago

Shane is like every suburban husband who just looks around like “honey where did all these decorations come from”

by Destini Bortner 6 months ago

I really hope Shane's okay. My anxiety has manifested as health anxiety before and it was not a great phase at all.

by Tayler Parsons 6 months ago

“They don’t care about my lumps it’s not lumpmas” best quote of 2019 😂😂😂

by koolaid2104 6 months ago

Shane being a mood: GaSp why is Gary in the closet?

Ryland: Because....he's been replaced by Christmas.
Shane still being a mood: BrInG hIm OuT

by jamie n 4 months ago

I love Rylands mom’s energy ! He definitely gets her attitude from her !

by Celsea Exum 6 months ago

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