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I Wore Woman’s Section Clothing for a Week!

Ryland Adams photo 1 I Wore Woman’s Section Clothing... Ryland Adams photo 2 I Wore Woman’s Section Clothing... Ryland Adams photo 3 I Wore Woman’s Section Clothing... Ryland Adams photo 4 I Wore Woman’s Section Clothing...

I'm sorry I've been MIA for a minute!! I hope you enjoy this weeks video. Have a great day :))

by Ryland Adams 7 months ago

Ironically the women clothes made Ryland look straighter lol

by Ash Leeé 6 months ago

in every video shane is so confused and he looks like he hasn’t slept in years

by Khadijah Brown 5 months ago

Low - Target
Mid - Urban
High - Gucci

Low - Goodwill
Mid - Walmart/Target
High - Brandy Melville
Imagine being rich. CANT RELATE.

by Abby W 6 months ago

Ryland: Spends almost $100 at target on an outfit.
Me: Feels guilty splurging on a $15 shirt at Kmart.
Edit: thanks for all the likes guys! And pay no attention to the hater below. I’m paying no attention to him now. Lol.

by Michael Trey 6 months ago

I love it when guys realize how much women's pockets suck

by Lucifer Faust 7 months ago

Ryland: hating on his mom shoes from target.
Me (a mom) staring at my feet wearing the same exact shoes..... "you right"

by Acaceia 5 months ago

"Women don't have as wide feet as men" guess you've never met a woman with duck feet like myself bebe

by Faith Aston 7 months ago

Ryland: spends almost $100 for the "cheapest" outfit
Me: Won't buy a shirt if it's in the double digits

by Dyiing 4 months ago

I wish so badly that Morgan could see just how adorably beautiful she is. Like dude take a pic everywhere even if u dont feel cute cuz you're always so cute

by Courtney Martin 6 months ago

All of Ryland's "women's" outfits look more masculine than anything he's ever worn

by Brittany D 7 months ago

Shane: "Gender is a social construct"

Me: That's a mood Shane

by Alexander Cinco 5 months ago

Ryland: I'm not a cheetah type of girl

Also Ryland: Wants to twin with Morgan in cheetah bucket hats 🤣❤

by Alecia M 5 months ago

Swans: exist

Ryland: "FLaMinGoS"

by KJ Safale 7 months ago

Ryland: *spends $235.00 on pants *
Me: *finds cute pants that are $15 * “so expensive" 😭 *buys $8 pants *

by jose Corona 7 months ago

Ryland: “I’m just trying to look stylish in women’s clothing!”

Morgan: “me too and it doesn’t work..”

Morgan is such a mood I can’t.

by Lucas McVicker 7 months ago

Imagine urban outfitters being your middle price point , I can’t even afford a plant in there

by Rosie Henson 6 months ago

“Everything in Gucci was ugly” there’s home for humanity with this line

by AdmiringObserverR 7 months ago

"I'm not that kind of girl."
-Ryan Adams, 2019

by Frank Parent 6 months ago

"im just trying to look more stylish in womens clothing" morgan: "me too it doesnt work" LMAOOO same

by seeriu ciihy 7 months ago

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