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New Furniture House Tour!

Ryland Adams photo 1 New Furniture House Tour! Ryland Adams photo 2 New Furniture House Tour! Ryland Adams photo 3 New Furniture House Tour! Ryland Adams photo 4 New Furniture House Tour!

shane literally does nothing in this video and heโ€™s still iconic

by nikki 1 year ago

For someone, who always claims that he is trash Shane has a really great Taste, when it comes to Interior Design. His old house was also very nice.

by Joanne Hastings 1 year ago

The real Team10

9.Tyler (baby doll)
10.Benjamin(also baby doll)

by Kyla Diaz 1 year ago

Uno is so attached and in love with Ryland. He hasnโ€™t left his side the entire video. Itโ€™s so cute!

by Sumer 1 year ago

Fixer upper: Canceled.
Property brothers: Quaking.
Flip or flop: shook.
Mr. Kate: packing their bags.
Hotel: trivago

by Samsam737 1 year ago

Shane dying in the couch: โ€œwhat are you wearing?โ€

Later, still dying : โ€œ What are you wearing???โ€

by Sam Shell 1 year ago

Iโ€™m surprised Garrett didnโ€™t get some kind of Harry Potter ornament

Edit: Oh wow itโ€™s been a year since I made this comment, and it has so many likes tysm! And I fixed any spelling errors.
Tbh, I have no clue how this got so many likes XD. I literally just said my opinion, not thinking anyone would care. But all the likes mean a lot to me.
Edit #2: Reading the replies are making me laugh but also cringe, I hope you all are doing great XD

by Katie Miya 1 year ago

I dont think I've EVER seen ryland THIS GAY. That's saying something

by Sofia Towne 1 year ago

โ€œIf your gonna open them cook them for everyone!โ€

Ryland is like the mother of YouTube ๐Ÿ˜‚

by _blue_roses_ 1 year ago

40% of house tour
60% of Ryland having a fashion show lol ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Chloe Howard 1 year ago

Ryland: You should have an apple, you're sick.
Morgan: that's a myth.
Shane: what are you wearing?

by Imlaneelove 1 year ago

Most house tours:tells you how everything cost so much

Ryland:casually walks round wearing that and eating an apple

by lacilad 1 year ago

โ€œWe got Cheeto a cute cat tree.โ€

โ€œWith many levels.โ€

โ€œ the most โ€œ

by torilee 8 months ago

Lmao at Ryland spinning and twirling and posing everywhere. Never change Ryland you are the purest.

by suki3275 1 year ago

What kind of crazy stay at home mom-dad has Ryland become

by Marq G 1 year ago

I love how happy Ryland is with the dream home, his confidence is fire.

by Xandria 1 year ago

Shane looks ready to die lmao

by juupitrr 1 year ago

it took Ryland about the whole video to eat one apple

by Nat Erickson 1 year ago

Ryland: we also have this cute and very festive pillow.

*puts behind Christmas Tree

by Cobyn Emmerich 1 year ago

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