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Alyssa Milano Virtue Signals In a KungFlu Mask With HOLES In It

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The whole Left narrative is filled with holes.

by GJ Videos 1 day ago

If the mask is crocheted it's not medical, it's fashion. Alyssa Milano is a moron.

by TheOriginalMaxGForce 1 day ago

It's like she's literally wearing the the left's idealism.

by Lizzard 7 1 day ago

She's a good advertisement for why not to do drugs.

by Mine Finder 1 day ago

โ€œI wear a crocheted mask to protect me from a microscopic virus.โ€ Oh yeah.... โ€œIโ€™m gonna put up a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes.โ€

by Twisted American 1 day ago

Sheโ€™s lived in Hollywood her whole life.She has no clue to any type of reality.Look at that mask Is she really that stupid?Unbelieveable!

by Jay Correll 1 day ago

Each hole represents a pair of NY Yankee balls that bounced off her chin.

by Hans Grueber 1 day ago

In her defense, the holes are smaller than corona bottles so sheโ€™s gd. ๐Ÿ˜†

by David S. 1 day ago

Damn, she's as sharp as AOC and that's as sharp as a marble

by CC Greening 1 day ago

The next time Alyssa says or does anything intelligent, will be the first time.

by War Nerve 1 day ago

I bet they took those masks back off as soon as she snapped the pic, they're just trying to look trendy. Sickening.

by Denise 1 day ago

She'll be wearing a mask while swimming in her pool this summer. Guaranteed.

by Churn02. 1 day ago

Alyssa Milano was cute when she was whoring her way through MLB, but that was decades ago, and now she somehow thinks her body is important.
After 2 entire professional leagues steamrolled it.

by Aimless Activist 1 day ago

Her bulb don't burn too bright, that's for sure.

by R.A Williams 1 day ago

Maybe thereโ€™s a reason her husband didnโ€™t tell her about the giant holes in the mask... lol!

by Christine Biada 1 day ago

Don't be silly, that's not a MASK Alyssa is wearing, it's a crocheted "Bikini Bottom".

by Sandy Degener 1 day ago

Milanoโ€™s kids would be much safer wearing their friggin seatbelts.

by coho slayer 1 day ago

Someone should tell her if the mask has holes in it that means it doesnt work.

by roshin n 1 day ago

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