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Mötley Crüe - Motley Crue (Full Album)

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Mötley Crüe - Motley Crue (1994 | 2003 Remastered)
01. Power to the Music 00:00
02. Uncle Jack 05:12
03. Hooligan's Holiday 10:40
04. Misunderstood 16:32
05. Loveshine 23:26
06. Poison Apples 26:02
07. Hammered 29:44
08. Til Death Do Us Part 34:59
09. Welcome To The Numb 41:03
10. Smoke The Sky 46:22
11. Droppin Like Flies 49:59
12. Driftaway 56:25
13. Hypnotized (Unreleased Track) 01:00:24.
14. Babykills (Bonus Track) 01:05:51.
15. Livin' In The Know (Unreleased Track) 01:11:14


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This was at a different level of music sadly the bubble gum Crue fans didn't get it

by taxford 1 year ago

Poor John... His dream came true... for a minute.

But... Motley could have brought back VINCE and still KEPT JOHN and continued from 1997 as a 5-piece. John plays guitar and writes. And he would have understood to play second fiddle to Vince. I'm sure he'd know and respect his place. Most songs Vince would do, but here and there, they'd toss in a John song. And then live, Mick could focus on lead guitar with an actual person there to play the other rhythm parts, which is a luxury Mick never had.

Anyone agree?

by Mick Obrien 1 year ago

Any album that really is ageless. This could have been released in 1994, 2003, or 2017 and it wouldn't sound dated. A fantastic and very underrated album..

by Joseph Anthony Angel 1 year ago

This is the MOST UNDERRATED Crue album! Tommy's signature is so unique and so pronounced that it Defines the entire album: hard, heavy, in your face and making NO apologies for itself!

by DjJtown 3 years ago

Best sounding Crue record. It's so fucking good, even after 25 years.

by Manuel Gasse 1 year ago

HOLY SHIT.... shame on me, for not even giving this album a try!
This version of Motley is gritty and dark, and I LOVE IT.

by Daniel Meeker 1 year ago

This biggest mistake is calling themselves Motley Crue on this album. The music is that good. You think of them as musicians instead of party animals.

by kitekrazee 1 year ago

I like Vince but must admit this guy has bigger balls and inspire the rest of the band. More loud and heavy!!! Don't y'a think?

by Fabien L'amour 1 year ago

Best Motley Crue album.......there, I said it

by Jason Watson 1 year ago

The production is fantastic. Might be their best sounding album. Definitely Tommy's best sound on drums.

by Michael 1 year ago

When the Crue really wanted to make music.

by Emiliano Sena 4 years ago

Wow! First time actually giving this album the time of day. Unbelievable! This is incredible! I'm f**king speechless! Mick and Tommy really bring it here. John Corabi was the special secret ingredient it seems. Nikki Sixx always spoke of how much he dreamed of making a great rock and roll record that would belong among the greats of all time. I had no idea but Nikki and the boys achieved exactly that with this epic rock masterpiece! I'm completely blown away! This is the best Crue record hands down.

by Save The Republic 1 year ago

A work of art. Tommy's drumming is just amazing and the guitar work is stunning. Corabi's vocals are perfect. One of the most underrated albums of all time. Man, and the production Bob Rock achieved on this is mind blowing. So many layers and textures that come together and create a wall of sound. I kinda like it... haha

by Robb Wybrow Guitarist 3 years ago

heavy as shit..!!! best crue album ever..!!! corabi is the man who lead the crue to this awesomeness..!!!

by B R A H M S K Y 3 years ago

Best Crue album by far, they sounded like musicians instad of a band of angry kids... the drums, the guitars and a powerful voice all masterfully mixed... a shame

by Antonio Escobedo 1 year ago

Best Motley Crue album to me... So much good songs. This album failed not only due to Vince's departure, but also because Nikki punched an MTV journalist and as a result this album didn't got any publicity. And the record label was busy with their corporate bullshits then. Fans didn't even got a chance to give this album a go due to zero publicity. And the promotion tours also got cancelled.
A prime example of many good attempts not getting any success in this cruel world.

by Aga Khan 1 year ago

Bob Rock knows how to get some killer drum sounds.

by Hello Friendo 2 years ago

Holy shit this is the first time I've ever heard this album just now and I must say I'm blown away at how heavy it is. Sabbath heavy. This really might be there best album. It holds up in today's world better than the others I feel.

by Chris Stewart 4 years ago

I wish they would have called this band something else OR the crue fans give John a shot because man THIS was a killer BAND!!!!

by Dale Maguire 2 years ago

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