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Unforgettable Moment of the Decade in Football

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Unforgettable Moment of the Decade in Football (2010-2020)
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In this Video, 1. Messi Ronaldo Decade of Dominance
2. Leicester city
3. Spain won the world cup 2010
4. Germany won the world cup 2014
5. Portugal won the Euro 2016
6. Aguero last min goal
7. France won the wold cup 2018
8. Chelsea won ucl
9. Real madrid won La Decima
10. Brazil 1-7 Germany world cup 2014
11. Real Madrid 3 consecutive ucl
12. Barca treble 2014/15
13. Bayern treble 2012/13
14. Inter Treble 2009/10
15. Croatia world cup 2018
16. Liverpool 4-0 Barca
17. Barca 6-1 PSG
18. Roma 3-0 Barca
19. Barca Dominance in El clasico
20. Messi 91 goal 2012
21. Atletico win their first la liga
22. Man city win epl with 100 point
23. Iceland euro 2016
24. Ibrahimovic goal vs england
25. Ronaldo bicycle kick vs juventus
26. Rooney bicycle kick vs Man city
27. James world cup 2014 goal vs uruguay
28. Bale goal copa del rey
29. Messi goal vs bilbao
30. Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 min

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I want juve and Barca to be in the final of the ucl, and I don't support either of them. Just want Messi V Ronaldo one last time.

by No Yes? 5 months ago

When my son asks me โ€œwhat was football like when you were my age?โ€ Iโ€™m gonna show him this video
P.S. number 1 made me tear up :โ€™(

by 14TRASHCAN 3 months ago

The old Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munchen, etc.
They were all so good!!!

by SL Blind 4 months ago

They forgot a moment. Remember when the Watford keeper saved the penalty, then the follow-up, and with no time left, they drove down the field and scored. For those who don't remember, here's what the announcer said: Here's Hog! DEENEY!!!!

by Evan Alper 2 months ago

Donโ€™t care wat anyone says Leicester winning the league was class

by Oisin Moore 4 months ago

When I saw Leicester at no.2 i was like wtf... how the hell do you get better than that. Then I saw no.1. Absolutely brilliant, one of my favourite football vids of all time.

by Alex Gรฆrtner 5 months ago

An honourable mention: England winning a penalty shootout. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜†

by duhawma 4 months ago

Some people say lewandoski is still scoring goals in that match, to this day

by DrHitler 1 week ago

whereโ€™s DEENEY!!!!

by augu stus 3 months ago

Surprised that Montpellier winning the league wasnโ€™t in here. Super underrated team

by Mauricio Velasquez 4 months ago

I was about to get triggered because you put Leicester at #2, until I realised what was #1. Weโ€™ll miss them.

by Peeper 5 months ago

One word:

I mean, he is everywhere. Munich, Barca, Man City. That guy is the core of football. Massive respect.

by Mujahid Syed 4 months ago

all these momets i was watching with my grandfather until March when he died,this brings me in tears and memories..Rest In Peace Legend ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

by daarchee 1 day ago

No.1 pick was extremily smart. Ronaldo and Messi will both go down in history as the greatest players to ever play in the World.

EDIT: Most of Pele's goals came in friendly matches and if u ask any Brazillian old enough, they would say the likes of Romario were the greatest football legends

by IZJ 5 months ago

I'm 14, I have grown up watching Messi and Ronaldo dominating this game, and listening to the same question again and again: Messi or Ronaldo? I never knew the true answer, but I now do know.

Both of them. I'm about to cry right now because of the fact their career is almost over. Thank you for every memory legendsโค

by FootballOblivion 4 months ago


by RN7 PRODZ 2 months ago

The most unforgettable moment of football history

by jalal M. 3 weeks ago

As a Barca fan, this video was giving me mixed emotions ๐Ÿ’€

by Axel Santiago 2 months ago

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