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Teepa Snow Discusses the Ten Early Signs of Dementia

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Dementia Care and Training Specialist Teepa Snow joins Senior Helpers to help you recognize and understand the ten early signs of dementia.

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Senior Helpers National photo 1 Teepa Snow Discusses the Ten... Senior Helpers National photo 2 Teepa Snow Discusses the Ten... Senior Helpers National photo 3 Teepa Snow Discusses the Ten... Senior Helpers National photo 4 Teepa Snow Discusses the Ten...

When she mentioned how the Alzheimer's patient forgets a conversation he has had even when the caregiver reminds him of it, I had to laugh.  My husband had Alzheimer's and as the disease progressed his doctor told him it was not safe for him to drive any longer.  He of course did not remember that the doctor had told him that and he could think of no reason why he should not be driving so he would just go get his keys and jump in the car.  Before disaster struck I had to get the car keys and keep them hidden from him, which of course did not make him happy.  One day we had our regular "the doctor told you not to drive" "No he didn't" "yes he did" conversation and the next time I saw his doctor (I'll call him Dr. Jones)  I asked him if he would write a little short note stating that Mr. Anderson "is not to drive".  I took that note home and put it in a safe place and the next time we started the "I am TOO allowed to drive" with something of a flourish I pulled the note out and presented it to him.  It said "Mr. Anderson is not to drive any more" and that was all it said.  My husband studied it for a while and then he said, "Well huh.  I think I'll write a note that says 'Dr. Jones is not to practice medicine any more' ".  Happily, he continued to know who I was and he could carry on a conversation with me and he still had his sense of humor right up to the day he died.

by Maryann Anderson 1 year ago

I just became a Housekeeper at a Retirement home a month ago. I like how this woman explains things to where I can understand. I may not be a Nurse or a Caregiver. But I do talk to the Residents. So it's important for me to understand what is going on for people with Dementia/Alz.

by Hanna McLendon 5 months ago

This woman deserves huge official recognition

by Simon Williams 1 year ago

when Mom was Lost... I always asked her how old she was so I could adjust my questions & answers to her level. ~Mitsy#9~

by Marilyn Bennett 5 years ago

I just realized that some of these very earliest symptoms of dementia are similar to severe depression. Amazing how complex the brain is.

by M Sherazi 1 year ago

Wow, she is good! The way she acts and gives examples is extremely educational!

by Hanne Lykke Poulsen 4 years ago

She is helping me to understand my Mom. Thank you.

by Faith 4 years ago

I'll never forget the first time I heard Teepa Snow speak. It was in 2010 and my mom was in the late stages of Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. It changed my life, and how I cared for my mom. It also showed me that more families need this education! This education empowers us to understand the disease and gives us the means and skills to care for our loved ones living with dementia. It also shows us that being a dementia care partner does NOT have to be such a doom and gloom, frustrating and stressful job. I learned a little too late with my mom, but my dad now has Alzheimer's and Teepa's training has helped to make this journey with him less heartbreaking and emotional. Yes, I'm slowly loosing my dad but I'm not dwelling on it, or in denial trying to fix it...I'm just enjoying our time together and making the very best of it!!

by Mary Lee 5 years ago

Thank you, I have early onset dementia and it is very difficult.

by LivingLifeWithLisa 2 years ago

I couldn't remember the word "puppy" and was "you know what I mean...a dog kitten". I do that ALL the time. is me ALOT

by Kitten Lyric 2 years ago

This should be shared with as many people with elderly parents as much as possible

by Glenn Otaguro 6 years ago

This was a clearly outstanding video. Teepa Snow is so helpful in helping caregivers to better understand and be supportive of family members with dementia.

by Debra Seiling 3 years ago

The best explanation i've seen, really helps you step in their shoes to see what they really go through. My grandma gets frustrated with my grandpa because he doesnt think things through and she doesnt understand how to be patient with him. I probably need to show her this video.

by Noahmakesbeats 2 years ago

My mother has started to stack things, if she can't put something back where it belongs she "puts it away" somewhere else in a bag or box, the wooden block that holds the knives in different slots is a puzzle to her and she can't get the knives back into the block in the proper slots she removed them from. And I'm forgetting to stop and breathe I'm so sorry, it's hard.

by Flipflops Guy 1 year ago

this woman may be the greatest woman alive.

by Justin Toop 4 years ago

Just amazing the way everything is clarified. I wish I had known this when my Mum was ill. It has taken years to begin regaining my own equilibrium. The stress, the cortisol and weight gain, and blood pressure. No one told me! The funny side helps... Laughter is the best medicine. Thank you so much. 🌟😘💙👏

by Hez eLGee 5 months ago

This is exactly it...sometimes he is right there and sometimes (when very tired) he is gone.

by Donna Allgaier-Lamberti 1 year ago

How....how do I do it when she's so mean and accusatory? She hurts my feeling. I've had to stay away today. :(

by terrisa ledford 4 years ago

Pretty well explains the decline in my health since being a caregiver. 😢 Yikes.

by Laurie McLean 9 months ago

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