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Space Safari ¦ XXVIII ¦ Synthwave Chillwave Mix

#Los Angeles #Outrun #Chillwave #80's #Music
Across the sea of space, the stars are other suns
01. Saint Seduce & Winston - Sedna 00:00
02. Hello Meteor - Deathless 04:55
03. Voyage - Beyond 08:23
04. dotmatrix - Cetus 14:20
05. 憂鬱 - Slow 18:21
06. Jasper De Ceuster - Image 22:05
07. Kattch - Nadie 25:10
08. Mitch Murder - Interstellar Cruise 28:58
09. HOME - Head First 33:23
10. Emil Rottmayer - Limit 36:53
11. Jasper Byrne - Why 40:58
12. denim - Fresnel Tears 45:30
13. denim - Well Adjusted 47:58
14. Zane Alexander - W O R L D B E N E A T H 51:36
15. Syntax - Tessimer 55:23
16. Noir Deco - Magic, Myths And Wonder 58:53
17. Forhill - Searching 01:04:00
18. Syntax - Heartbeats 01:08:56
19. 2814 - This Body / generation network - i w i s h y o u w e r e d e a d. 01:12:43
¦ Artwork ¦ Vasjen Katro ¦ Processed by Sequencer.
¦ Quote ¦ Carl Sagan
¦ All Music Belongs To The Artists ¦.
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¦ Soundcloud ¦ https://soundcloud.com/a_sequencer_d
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#Synthwave #Chillwave #OuterSpace

#Moscow #Synthwave #Athens #Retroelectro #Asthetic #Sci-Fi #Dreamwave #Terminator #Miami #Carpenter Brut #Spaceship #1980 #Synthpop #Ambient #Mitch Murder #Nasa #Cyberpunk #Eighties #Aesthetic #Perturbator #Retrowave #Space #Vaporwave #Soundtrack #Mega Drive #Electro #A E S T H E T I C #Carl Sagan

Sequencer photo 1 Space Safari ¦ XXVIII ¦... Sequencer photo 2 Space Safari ¦ XXVIII ¦... Sequencer photo 3 Space Safari ¦ XXVIII ¦... Sequencer photo 4 Space Safari ¦ XXVIII ¦...

Rad mix & art ❤️

by Odysseus 2 months ago

Me seeing thumbnail: Slaanesh just freakin' loves Synthwave

by Jack B 3 days ago

Pure delight to listen to proper ear 👂 candy 🍬 peace and love

by Beefy Webster 1 month ago

Props for including Noir Deco, they've been one of my secret gems for years.

by caonjfy 5 days ago

First chord sounds dramatically like the PS2

by Ichi Pasento 3 days ago

this is more Brian Eno and Robert Fripp.

by Reitia 2 days ago

I'm out in the middle of no where... Lookin up at the stars... The only light from the soft glow of my gauges... Windows down... Laid back... This is perfect... The only reminder that I'm on earth is the soft rumble of my engine and light compliment g tone of my exhaust at idle... This mix is perfect... Thank you for uploading

by John Roa 1 day ago

first song, first 10 seconds IMMEDIATELY reminds me of the ps2 intro 😍

by Bill D 3 weeks ago

Thank you for the mix. Very enjoyable.

by Christafafaf 1 day ago

Denim - Fresnel Tears is sublime and yet not on Spotify :(

by Gavin Funnell 4 days ago

These mixes put food on my table. I don't know how I'd get through he work day without listening to mixes like this one. Thank you!!!

by J B 2 months ago

hexgon belongs amongst the most usual shapes in nature

by spaghettarius a 2 days ago

Hell yea. Solid tracks. Love the beats and vibe. Thanks!!!

by Andrew Collier 1 month ago

I listen to these mixes a lot when my wife and I are on vacation or a road trips. When i listen to them a work I get all kinds of good memories of her.

by Topdamagewizard 1 month ago

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