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Taking Accountability

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The only thing Ms. Rona didn't cancel is the yearly dramaggedon

by Maria Ude Nwachi 36 minutes ago

everyone is talking about the “old shane” when he’s apologizing about things he did before jeffree and everyone he surrounds himself with now...

by sophie h 26 minutes ago

Everyone saying they "miss the old Shane" are seriously missing the point of all of this and need to put their comments elsewhere.

by wenchsauce 21 minutes ago

This comment section is killing my braincells.

by Riley Orton 26 minutes ago

I’m just going to be honest here.... Shane many many ppl love you. However, to be truthful I do feel that all issues with new sort of Shane and Jeffrey, be honest I do seem feel strongly that this is not road that you really should go down. Please please be your normal self Shane.

by maza HIGGIE 29 minutes ago

Everyone is trying to make it seem like Shane’s “toxic” friends are the cause of his actions no that’s who he is.... it’s not because of anyone else

by Kcat 5 minutes ago

me: watching the whole thing:

Shane: thank you for watching the whole thing

me: ann i opp.
but in all seriousness i like that Shane is owning up to his mistakes from the past

by Kayla Georgelis 9 minutes ago

Half of the bad shit Shane did happened years before he even met Jeffree. Everyone in the comments saying how things would be different if Shane stopped associating with him are blind. You are doing Shane no favors by holding others accountable for his actions

by megahn L 17 minutes ago

I’m seeing all of these comments like “we don’t want Jeffree” “ we don’t want this...or that ....” but you have to realize that this is Shane’s life and yes, he listens to his fans, but this is his lifestyle and his decisions. I respect Shane’s decisions. Please remember that people grow and change. Sending love to everyone.

by liz 17 minutes ago

All of these comments are so recent, not 15 or 13 hours ago

by LittleBrownGirlTai 30 minutes ago

why is everyone in the comments saying that everything would be fine if he wasn’t friends with jeffree like guys u know shane did all this none of this stuff involves Jeffree... like yes Jeffree is toxic and he should stop being friends with him but shane did all this stuff himself... also to the comments that r saying Jeffree could ruin Shane’s life, no he couldn’t lmao like how shane is still a multimillionaire 30 year old guy he’s not this little naive baby that must be protected stop acting like that y’all annoying why do you guys all act like he’s so innocent when he made super edgy content up until only a few years ago

by aidan 24 minutes ago

pov: you’re trying to find comments from more than an hour ago but you can’t

by kait 16 minutes ago

I honestly love Shane he has made mistakes who doesn’t, everyone misses the old Shane and so do I but I think it’s the people he associates with that he loves but needs to let go of them he needs to take time to realise who they are and gain love I love and support him always have 💗

by Neve Carleton 29 minutes ago

I wish he would apologize directly to the crew and people who tried to help him make “Not Cool.” His behavior on “the chair” was not acceptable in the slightest. I hope if he does make his horror movie, someone’s there to hold him accountable or his actions and ego.

by Jo B 18 minutes ago

Why can’t I find any comments from longer than an hour ago even though this video has been up for 15 hours??

by Catherine Bruce 25 minutes ago

Jeffree needs to apologize to James for calling him a predator and danger to society. I don’t understand how Shane can be friends with someone who CANT apologize for that

by RAHHicecream 8 minutes ago

Shane is probably terrified to stand up to Jeffrey... Imagine trying to cut ties with someone who can destroy your life at the snap of their fingers

by Joey Leon 25 minutes ago

shane: apologizes and doesn’t make excuses

everyone: no he’s making excuses

by R A I D E N 27 seconds ago

Saying this nicely, genuinely. Instead of saying all this which sounds like it comes from a mental/head space and overthinking, sink into your heart, your chest. Speak from there. Feel that in your body.

by Alexandra 22 minutes ago

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