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The Demon In My House

shane photo 1 The Demon In My House shane photo 2 The Demon In My House shane photo 3 The Demon In My House shane photo 4 The Demon In My House

I hope you guys like the new video!! :)) im so excited to make a horror movie. im gonna put my whole heart and soul into it. :)) if you want more horror videos on my channel let me know!! :) id love to make them!

by shane 2 weeks ago

Who else scrolled down the comments thinking they would said “9 hours ago” but actually everyone’s watching it rn

by Marisol Valle 2 weeks ago

“Nobody likes Ellen” well that didn’t age well

by Emma Caine 5 days ago

“i don’t wanna resemble ellen no one like her right now” well that didn’t age well

by arica k 1 day ago

Gabbie Hanna is the demon in your house cause she’s the monstAAA

by Uenoyama Ritsuka 1 day ago

Shane: Posts a video about a demon in his house.

Demon: Prepare to be canceled.

by Cristina Frankel 2 days ago

This was posted 7 hours ago yet we’re all watching this at the same time

by Dolores Varela 2 weeks ago

Demon in your house is Jeffree's 1000 years old grandma

by Marin Živković 3 days ago

Shane : "I don't get really scared"
Also Shane: has been freaking out on youtube about ghosts for YEARS

by Federica 3 days ago

What every happend to the old Shane with Andrew and garret. I miss the old Shane Dawson and not the new makeup tiktok drama involved Shane...

by Jennifer the weeb 4 days ago

Shane: Everyone in my family has a ghost story

Rylan: What did you say about by getting married

by Clipsz RH 3 days ago

shane’s hair literally looks like his old self lmfao

by Charlie Puth Fab 2 weeks ago

Shane- “There’s a demon in my house”

Ryland- learning TikTok dances in the living room 😂👑

by Maci B Gordon 4 days ago

Conspiracy theory: Ellen D. Brought back Shane's past into the light because he said that nobody likes her anymore.

by GonzalezJio 3 days ago

are we not gonna talk about how he leaves root beer out for his neighbor cause his mom won’t let him have sugar😂😂

by Mrs Moony 4 days ago

6 July

Tittle: the demon in my house
Like: 666k

by Zetsumi 2 days ago

This is a petition for shane to set up a camera overnight in the house

by Harrietdoesnt 2 weeks ago

Plot twist he’s “living” the horror movie in a series of videos coming up on his channel. This IS the horror movie.

by Jack Paster 2 days ago

no one:

literary no one:

shane: dosent get his diet root beer and has a demon in his house

by Devonte Williams 1 day ago

i haven’t watched him in over 2 years and first thing i see is he’s still pretending to LOVE that drink as a personality trait

by Jude Wilson 1 day ago

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