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In This Fortnite Livestream I am going to check out the NEW Fortnite Update! This NEW Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Update is going to give us the V13.20 Patch TODAY! Enjoy this NEW GUN / NEW WEAPON: FLARE GUN UPDATE GAMEPLAY Live Stream with NEW Items & Map Changes - NEW CARS UPDATE in SEASON 3 (DRIVE Cars - Fortnite | New Vehicle TRAILER)
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ShuffleGamer photo 1 🔴 [LIVE] *NEW* FORTNITE UPDATE!... ShuffleGamer photo 2 🔴 [LIVE] *NEW* FORTNITE UPDATE!... ShuffleGamer photo 3 🔴 [LIVE] *NEW* FORTNITE UPDATE!... ShuffleGamer photo 4 🔴 [LIVE] *NEW* FORTNITE UPDATE!...

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by ShuffleGamer 8 hours ago

When shuffle gamer gifts too many skins

Epic: we have temporarily disabled the following- gifting

by Rowdy Riley 1 hour ago

Everyone’s gangster until they get run over by a Prius 😂🤣

by BTUbreadstick 4 hours ago

Tf2 pyro: Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary

by LeadSine 4 hours ago

I used youre code: shufflegamer, i want the red knicht skin, my epic is: zacharyh.gaming

by zachary hachani 4 hours ago

Shuffle is da best! I used your code from when you got the code :D username: antman929

by Suzanne Mistretta 4 hours ago

I did everything epic : BoingAHH19 and l use your code

by Kit Kat 3 hours ago

“I used your code” My epic is FC909 please gift me something I don’t care it could be anything but I would be really happy to get a gift from you also I honestly really only watch you

by ShyGuyOnYT 4 hours ago

i used you're code

epic username: VenomX_elimz

by Raunak Nc 2 hours ago

I used your code, epic name : Darius. XD. GAMER

by DARIUS XD GAMER 2 hours ago

Used your code!!!
Username: Electrosh_ck

Thanks for making these cool videos learnt a viable xp gaining method from this too!!! ;)

by CZ M 2 hours ago

When you are in a boat, if you look on the map you will see where the gas stations are to refuel your boat or car.

by Gavin DeLucia 20 minutes ago

How did he make it to where it’s just him playing a solo match with no players

by Reunite Flight 1 hour ago

Thanks a lot for showcasing this. I used your code. User: Fyrenub ツ

by Fire nub 1 hour ago

Why Will you never gift me epic Ronaldodegea i used your code

by Gameplay Met S 51 minutes ago

I your code just for a second can you give me the Battle cats

by Sophia Victoria 1 hour ago

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