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BTS Memories of 2017: Outro Wings

SHUYING SONG photo 1 BTS Memories of 2017: Outro... SHUYING SONG photo 2 BTS Memories of 2017: Outro... SHUYING SONG photo 3 BTS Memories of 2017: Outro... SHUYING SONG photo 4 BTS Memories of 2017: Outro...

Hoseok: When i say fly, you say high


by kunhyu0z 1 year ago

There's problems with BTS concerts ...


by Maniac Jumpers 1 year ago

I seriously missed such good times I hate myself for joining Army so late 😭 here I am watching their old performances and crying that why couldn't I have found them earlier 😢

by Namjinyoonseok Vminkook 1 year ago

Jhope's vocals is good. V is alone, isn't he is afraid of height .

by H Helen 1 year ago

i wonder why Tae is alone? He is afraid of heights isn't?

by Celine 1 year ago

When Jin suggested a dance time out of nowhere.
Jin: “Okay, dance time!”
Jhope: shookt. “Here?”
Jimin: Tried to dance. “Oh no”
Jin: Panic. “Stay still, stay still!

by Bella Candilada 8 months ago

Whose here watching bts old videos just to cry during quarantine?

cause same 😭 I miss my boys

by todoroki 1 month ago

Jikook , Yoonseok , Namjin...

...Wait a minute ....?

WHY MY BABY IS ALONE ?! mom panic

Im coming wait for meeeeeeee !

by JB Army 1 year ago

Everyone: crying because this was beautiful

me: crying because Tae was alone

by Anyways Angie 6 months ago

why isn’t anyone talking about how scared poor yoongi looks at 😭😂

by Tia 1 month ago

Jin - "OK Dance-u time!!!"
Hobi - "HErE?!?!"
Chim - "Dance time?!" (Starts dancing, but falls on kook)

by Tatiana 7 months ago

why is the one with fear of heights alone??

by sofia louise 1 year ago

How is nobody talking about Tae’s long note at

by memisameme 1 year ago


by Stéphanie Bolaños 1 year ago

We got

1. NAMJIN in a little air ballon thing

2. SOPE in a little air ballon thing

3. JIKOOK in a little air ballon thing

4.TAEHYUNG being a brave boy im a proud mother

(he is like 12 years older than me in age hahaha but i don’t care😜)

by BTS_연인 1 year ago

I just want to leave this out there

Namjin at and Jin's cute lil waves at 😪💜💜💜

by Lilyflower 23 1 year ago

Taehyung is so brave, even if he was afraid of heights he still did hearts for army amslakamks i love him so much

by Pierre Angelie 1 year ago

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