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2020 Tampa Pro: Finals

It’s the final day of the 26th annual Tampa Pro and 1st annual Women’s Open. Who’ll land bolts and skate away with the ultimate title in pro skateboarding? Watch and learn.

Skatepark of Tampa photo 1 2020 Tampa Pro: Finals Skatepark of Tampa photo 2 2020 Tampa Pro: Finals Skatepark of Tampa photo 3 2020 Tampa Pro: Finals Skatepark of Tampa photo 4 2020 Tampa Pro: Finals

Andy Anderson kills it and def under appreciated. He's a skater's skater.

by Eric Vosseller 2 months ago

Kelvin was SO clearly robbed it made me question the judges badly... Now seriously: when you make a perfect run and get 76.6... WTF is that?!? Today I felt truly ashamed of the "ideology" behind skateboarding business! Judges PLEASE stop pleasing the sponsors... the world can see what you're doing and yeap, there's no honour in doing so! Shame on you!

by K-rol Dioidia 2 months ago

Please let Tim O'Conner commentate next year. New guys jokes/comments are sooooo bad.

by Daniel Frederickson 2 months ago

ishod smoked a blunt right before his first run lmao

by waax 2 months ago

Carlos Ribeiro run 1 , run 2 , run 3
Luan Oliveira run 1 , run 2 , run 3
Kelvin hoefler run 1 , run 2 , run 3

by janio de souza 2 months ago

Andy Anderson makes a refreshing change to skateboarding. Thank you, Andy.

by ian wright 2 months ago

No award for the backflip dude?  He went hard!  I'd like to see someone do a video on the scoring system with these judges.  Seems like Kelvin and Andy Anderson got boned the hardest here.

by Patrick Baitman 2 months ago

Andy Anderson killed it. First time watching him in a contest

by Adrian Tardy 2 months ago

Men's Finals Start at:
Men's Semi-finals Start at:
Women's Finals End at:

by TC Skateboard 2 months ago

the greatest fakie flip of all time.

by unlimited00 2 months ago

why do the announcers at big contests always suck? great skating btw.

by MrJackWorse 2 months ago

What do they have against Andy Anderson? Anybody else skating like that?

by ibroketheserver 2 months ago

why the hell did kelvin end on 5th place? He should have been 1st or at least 2nd oO He didn't bail, put in a lot of hard tricks and even landed the sugarcane right after time.

by SchwappSchwopp 2 months ago

judges always sucking Nyjah for promotional reasons.
#1 Shane
#2 Kelvin
#3 Nyjah

by Noah Simbark 2 months ago

Shane O’Neal is unreal he should of Won they over score Houston every Contest

by James Handley 2 months ago

The judging for Kevin's last run has gotta be a joke. 😳
Has Nyjah given the judges some too tight Nike leggings to make their eyes not clearly see?

by Bruce Lee 2 months ago

Kelvin deserved a higher score!!! He shoulda been in the top 3. But they gave him a 76??? Come on judges. Were they watching the same event?

by Steve A 2 months ago

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