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Lillia Ability Reveal - The Bashful Bloom | New Champion

#Riot Games #Lillia Jungle #League of Legends #Lillia Spotlight #Gaming
The new champion Lillia is here!
Thanks to Riot Games for providing some of the assets in this video!
Purchase RP here (Amazon Affiliate - NA): https://amzn.to/2qZ3Bmv
Lillia is hitting the PBE later today!
Video contains Lillia Abilities descriptions.
00:00 Passive
00:11 Q Ability
00:22 W Ability
00:33 E Ability
00:44 R Ability
01:05 Splash Art
01:10 Spirit Blossom Splash Art

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Hecarim and Neeko have a child, who woulda thought. Can't wait to see her lore.

by BennyWinZ 5 hours ago

balance team: ok, enough new champions being op
lillia: TrUe DmG iN a CiRcLe!!!
balance team: understandable have a great day.

by Besio! 4 hours ago

Neeko: did you pull out
Hecraim: ugh idk
1 year later :

by Moody_Gamer - 4 hours ago

A few notes, from the interview:
Her clear is extremely good, but you need to kite the camps. She's squishy af, but all of her abilities are AoE damage.
The ult is global. If they have the mark, they get hit.
The movement speed boost on Q is not some baby little kiting tool. It's the "highest uptime movement speed in the game", according to the designer. It stacks up to 5 times, and scales with AP. Lillia is FAST.
She doesn't scale well in a solo lane. A lot of her power is in her movement speed, so she loses most 1v1s, and doesn't scale as well when she can't abuse her movement speed to clear faster. (Lane-based gold is based strictly on a timer, jungle-based gold is partially based on how fast you can clear the entire jungle) They see toplane as her off role, but will be balanced around jungle being her main role.
"If you need to kill a Caitlyn, Hecarim is better. If you need to deal sustained damage in a teamfight, Lillia is better." Lillia is a hit-and-run style character. She will chunk you and run away repeatedly, where someone like Hecarim will get on you and chase you down until you are dead.
She plays like Shyvana or Evelynn. She wants to be where the other jungler is not, vulnerable to early invades, needs time to get rolling.

 Release date is on July 22nd.

by Ruger Manzer 3 hours ago

That Q animation is so hard that looks like I'm watching SMITE champ reveal.

by Wallace Ribeiro 4 hours ago

Oh nice here is a champ with cc, range, insta cast aeo true dm and movespeed, % magic dm DM overtime passiv and its a deer so twitch staff can be happy.
Well okey now tell me how to combo riot? Just face at max speed on keyboard?

by Romeck_ Art 5 hours ago

Riot new champ: A
Me: nerf

by Lipe Lima 5 hours ago

I think a better name for her ultimate would be "Tilting Lullaby"

by Eddy Yim 4 hours ago

Riot: We need new champion ideas

Champ design team: What about AP Hecarim?

Riot: Dude that's so unoriginal

Champ design team: AP Hecarim with True Damage and even more CC?

Riot: Sold, ship it.

by NeoTenic 5 hours ago

Is no one going to mention how adorable her little pounces are when she runs? :D

by Viktor Strobovski 5 hours ago

Can’t wait till they make that “what the hell is this” elephant penguin meme about neeko and hecarim

by かっクイ君 3 hours ago

Rito: Here's a new Jungler!
Rito: AP Support

by Juichibey 5 hours ago

Can't wait for her to flash into a dragon/Baron pit, hit everyone with her Q and get a five-man sleep. That'll be fun.

by Jody Rivera 4 hours ago

Look: Neeko + Hecarim
Skills: Zoe + Hecarim

by Myamlak 5 hours ago

i stopped playing league for a while and when i vcame back the amount of new champs was overwhelming. i luv riot

by Salami Slices 14 minutes ago

Can't wait for her to get the inevitable Star Guardian, Pajama Cosplay, Infernal, Pulsefire, High Noon, and Hextech skins before they even consider giving Ornn a new skin.

by RevokFarthis 3 hours ago

Riot: So what champ will we release?
also Riot: same procedure as every year!
: ^ ))

by AnxDr3 5 hours ago

Can't wait for my support Lillia to gank top with swirlseed more times than the actual jungler

by Hollow Boi 4 hours ago

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