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President Donald Trump is ‘downcast’ amid poor polling performances

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President Donald Trump has become “quite downcast” amid polls showing he is facing defeat in the upcoming November Presidential Election according to Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine.
A recent YouGov poll has presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden leading President Trump 47 to 39, while the President’s approval rating sits at 41 per cent.
Ms Devine told Sky News host Sharri Markson these polls along with the coronavirus outbreak and the dwindling state of the economy has caused a lot of people within the Trump campaign to be “a little despondent”.
“He’s feeling sorry for himself”.
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Sky News Australia photo 1 President Donald Trump is ‘downcast’... Sky News Australia photo 2 President Donald Trump is ‘downcast’... Sky News Australia photo 3 President Donald Trump is ‘downcast’... Sky News Australia photo 4 President Donald Trump is ‘downcast’...

No one except the media believes in polls. It is common knowledge here in America, the silent majority doesn’t trust pollsters. Most don’t answer there phones or just make up answers when they do.

by Sockpuppet2000 12 hours ago

The choice between the party of historical racism and modern day racism verses a bloke who truly loves his country should be an easy win... Marxist lying media and manipulation from biased left wing platforms are to blame.

by T-rev T 12 hours ago

It is really interesting how detached from reality the media are these days

by luke hannath 12 hours ago

No he's not. Us conservatives don't take poles. We love seeing them turn out wrong and I'm not telling some company my personal business.

by Brad Butcher 11 hours ago

Usually sky news Australia cuts thru the crap but this is just wallowing in BS. Disappointing.

by Snook 1 12 hours ago

He should "monitor the situation closely" as the leftist terror goons tear the west apart.

by I Cunt Spell 11 hours ago

More fake news , it's actually the opposite , Biden is lucky to fill a classroom

by Seth 12 hours ago

Hes down cast because hes tired of all the abuse his copped from media and demorats. for all these past years. But HE IS A WINNER
TRUMP 2020. If TRUMP doesnt win election is because he has had ENOUGH abuse from the
People. And MEDIA.

by cool breeze 12 hours ago

Take the polls by the comment section, this should give you a good idea. TRUMP MAGA2020

by MAD Free Speak 12 hours ago

I see that B/S is still highly contagious among the MSM. No wonder people are social distancing themselves from this epidemic 😷😂

by Ultron1970 mclovin 12 hours ago

Blah blah blah you guys talk so much 💩

by Aaron Porima 12 hours ago

This woman is a joke, get people on who will destroy her with facts, she's a light weight.

by Dylanschannel 12 hours ago

Trump didn’t say he “cut back the testing”; the fact that they let people say that when it’s totally not true

by lavanniek 12 hours ago

lemme guess. It's the beginning of the end and the walls are closing in? 4 years ofthis garbage and you just won't stop will you are forced to, will you? Ok

by EriolTolkien 12 hours ago

Trump is about to win a Landslide in Nov 2020. The only people that will be “Downcast” will be the Media and the Radical Left... Heck! They have been downcast since 2am Nov 9th, 2016! 😂😂😂

by Anthony Ng 12 hours ago

Remember you ain’t black if you don’t vote for sleepy Joe. How can they say trump ain’t fit for president when his rival can’t even remember his own name

by TOKER 365 12 hours ago

Honestly 2016 election Fox News Polls was also low. The fake news can’t forever protect their senile candidate Sleepy Joe💥

by hunk5525 12 hours ago

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