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160TB Server with Linus! (From Linus Tech Tips) - Smarter Every Day 222

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Thanks to, 45 Drives - Customizable, economical, high density storage servers
unRAID - Safe, protected data storage, based on Linux, configurable
Seagate - 5 year warranty, vibration-resistant, data-recovery warranty
Linus's video when he visited the US Space and Rocket Center
Standard Raid Levels, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standar...
How Unraid works, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-sta...
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SmarterEveryDay photo 1 160TB Server with Linus! (From... SmarterEveryDay photo 2 160TB Server with Linus! (From... SmarterEveryDay photo 3 160TB Server with Linus! (From... SmarterEveryDay photo 4 160TB Server with Linus! (From...

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by SmarterEveryDay 10 months ago

Linus is literally the IT department of youtube

by Hippity Hopity 9 months ago

Linus seems to have forgotten the era when he stored piles of hard drives in a bathroom...

by sendel93 10 months ago

linus:"gasps, you dropped it..."
linus internally: that's my job

by True JimJam 10 months ago

Today: where is drive A27?
Tomorrow: where is server A27?

by Krangz 10 months ago

Top 10 Collabs we never saw coming (2019 colorized)

by John Black 10 months ago

You could make a playlist of Linus just building 100TB+ servers for YouTubers.

by Ismug Ireson 10 months ago

Destin: has a spreadsheet of all his drives
also Destin: has never added up the capacities before buying a server

by Johannes 6 months ago

Your initial setup was weirdly chaotic and organised, obviously physical chaos, but that spreadsheet is more organised than my life

by Robin Rai 10 months ago

I work in professional IT, Destin is literally exactly how every Engineers tech setup is. It's so funny, because literally he's like the perfect example of what I know engineers for lol.

by ImaITman 8 months ago

bottom bin, lower row of drives, 2nd from the right next to C46

by RdL 9 months ago

"You need it more than anyone we've deployed it to so far"
Gavin intensifies

by SmashDog 5 months ago

Destin, you don't need a 160TB server... It will easily be filled twice over with all the drives you already have, not to mention what you will have in the future....
But I have not seen Linus have that face at all that many times before. I think Linus has found another petabyte project....

by Today on the Bench 10 months ago

Linus - "I love this video so far! The shenanigans are real!"
Destin - "Are you being sarcastic?"
Linus - "No I love it, this is great!"

by Joel 10 months ago

Somehow this is the first video I think I've seen from you. Thank Linus for that, subbed... :)
PS. That indeed was a data storage mess, glad you got it sorted...

by Tech Deals 10 months ago

Bless Linus and his personality for YouTube.

by TurboBass 10 months ago

What did you threaten Mr. Sebastian with to prevent sexual innuendo in your vid?
Great planning....placing everything Linus would handle on the floor already!!!
You did your homework.

by Prove Me Wrong 10 months ago

Linus: That is so many drives
Me knowing the future that Linus has to go through with Gavin: Goodluck

by Nicholas Wong 8 months ago

I have to at least respect that you've got your drives catalogued in a spreadsheet.

by Multitalent 9 months ago

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