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Breaking Into a Smart Home With A Laser - Smarter Every Day 229

#education #Apple Home #Science #Math #Science & Technology
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**Note 12/28/19: The lock company notified me that they've updated their software to lock the user out after 4 incorrect attempts to enter a PIN.**
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This work was performed by a team of researchers at the University of Michigan and University of Electro-Communications in Japan. For more information check out their website http://lightcommands.com or contact them at lightcommandsteamgmail.com
Here's one of the microphones on DigiKey
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Thumbs up if you got an ad for some kind of always listening device before the video.
Thank you for taking time to watch. When I read the paper I knew I had to make a video about this. I hope you enjoy it.
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by SmarterEveryDay 6 months ago

Hey Google “I’m about to shoot you with a laser”
Google: “Sorry I don’t understand”

Smarter Everyday: PEW PEW PEW HAHAHA

by SterlingSword 3 months ago

Alexa: Intruder detected activating 50. Cal turret.

by Lars Sims 5 months ago

It would be interesting to hear the recording from alexas voice history.

by ChiefBroady 5 months ago

When your friend texts something you don't actually care about:

by Joshua Lloyd 4 months ago

The reason phones are hard is because the microphone inside is not directly behind the microphone hole, it’s to the side. This is because they also have sim trays that are designed to open when a small pin is stuck into the hole, so if a user tries to stick the sim tool into the wrong whole,
They won’t break the mic.

by Jessica Hao 6 months ago

I was watching this video at 1 am and when you said “Hey google” it woke up my whole family. Thanks.

by Code Reckliss 3 weeks ago

imagine trying to sleep at night n hearing this

by SIEEPY 5 months ago

chuckles maniacally "you will..."

by XMaster65 5 months ago

SmarterEveryDay: Tells us a vulnerability in smart products

Also SmarterEveryDay: Also shows us how to get into someone elses house

by Boxersteavee 4 months ago

Being poor/broke has never made me feel so safe.

by BrayanAlfaroTv2 5 months ago

When you try to hack my home assistant, but I don't use them...

by GhostMiner 4 months ago

My little brother is starting to shake a lot and it’s freaking me out

by Spaceflight Multi 2 months ago

GOOGLE HOME: I couldn't verify your voice so I can't set a reminder" HAHA!

by Miljan Bojovic 4 months ago

When you're watching this on ur 2nd phone and the mic is physically disconnected so my assistant doesn't open lol

by Gnar n' RAW steeze\\m// 2 months ago

The "S" in "IoT" stands for "security".

by demopem 6 months ago

My Alexa asked me "when should I set the reminder for?" And I said "nevermind" and she cancelled it lmao. Nice try tho

by Ali HN 4 months ago

"What do you want to be reminded about?" Is all you got from my British Siri.

Edit: I take that back. My Siri is trying to open my garage now.

by Christian Luczejko 1 hour ago

My Siri went off when you said “hey Siri” then you said how scary that it work on some of us🤨

by Cameron Jones 5 days ago

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