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How I Boarded a US NAVY NUCLEAR SUBMARINE in the Arctic (ICEX 2020) - Smarter Every Day 237

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Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience.
Even though things are getting a bit difficult, The US Navy continues to provide stability and security. If you are interested to find out how you can join the Navy you can visit the website here: https://www.navy.com/
There are tons of interesting career opportunities out there that I never knew about.
The Geophysical Institute at the University of Alaska Fairbanks offers incredible opportunities to research Arctic regions. They OWN A ROCKET RANGE. They do things like predict Aurora and monitor seismic and volcanic activity. I wish I knew about this when I was younger. https://www.gi.alaska.edu/
Check out the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
The US Navy has several options such as engineer, pilot, submariner, logistics, accountant, medical doctor, and even Public Affairs specialist. I continue to be impressed by people that I meed who spent time in the Navy. I worked with various people during the course of filming this video and they were all top notch. https://www.navy.com/
I asked Sofia to write a little blurb about her job experience: Sofia Montalvo is an Ice Analyst at the US National Ice Center (USNIC). She studied meteorology at the University of Miami and atmospheric science at North Carolina State University, but did not know that mapping and forecasting sea ice for safety and navigation was a thing she could do. She loves her job for the mission it upholds: The USNIC Operations Department Analysts use remote sensing and model data to produce hemispheric, regional, and tailored ice and snow analyses. The Operations department is committed to the safety of navigation, protection of life and property, and government scientific research.
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Note: The US Navy put no restrictions on me about what I should say or how I should present what I learned on this trip. Other than making sure my footage was cleared for Operational Security, I am free to say whatever I want about this experience. And here is what I want to say:

This was an absolutely incredible experience. The Navy personnel and Academic Research Scientists who kept me safe were incredibly professional. Every person I met was exceptional. Also, can I just say that the experience of going underway in a submarine was INCREDIBLE. I'm still trying to decide how I want to release the footage (when I receive the last of it after it's been OPSEC cleared). Right now I'm leaning towards a series of videos similar to a Smarter Every Day Deep Dive on the submarines. The name is certainly fitting!

I've also given a lot of thought to recent events here at home and around the world. It occurs to me that the US Navy brings stability and security to the world in a very unique way these days. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to meet these individuals so I now know how professional these people are.

I also want to say thank you to people who support Smarter Every Day on Patreon. My goal is to make intelligent, humble, respectful content. I was given approval for this experience provided I could purchase all the necessary cold weather gear and find a way to get there. Patrons of Smarter Every Day made that happen, so thank you to everyone who partners with me to make this kind of content by supporting at . If you're new here, please consider a sub! (lol)

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by SmarterEveryDay 2 weeks ago

Just think... Many years ago someone looked out on the ice and said, "I bet I can land a plane on that."

by Kevin Albers 1 week ago

i love how Dr. Henrik Schmidt sounds like if Liam Neeson were German (or whatever his accent his lol)

by Gilt UwU 1 week ago

โ€œPeace and stability in the worldโ€

Stairs in Middle East

by Communist Trash 10 hours ago

I bet this guy greets and asks everyone's names on the street too

by jaanbanaan 1 week ago

Destin is the only person who turns a scientist's layman's terms into technical terms for his audience.. I love it.

by Jonathan Spivey 2 weeks ago

"thats what PHD students are for"

Man xD you have no idea. Calc is my life at this point.

by Burnt Chicken Nugget 1 week ago

What I love about Destin's conversations, is you really see how people's confidence and demeanour change the moment they're able to talk about what they're passionate about.

by James Bartholomew 1 week ago

Lesson: kids dont go with cool kids, try to mingle nerd one you'll learn more with them.

by ff trashhero 1 week ago

โ€œFirst time experiencing -30โ€

All of Canada first time

by Poop 1 week ago

It is kinda funny how everyone tries to explain his stuff like Destin wouldnt understand but when he sums it up they all have the same "oh he knows his stuff" reaction.

by Noch Keiner 2 weeks ago

โ€œSo, most of you guys are scientists?โ€ โ€œYeah.โ€ Chuckles as they laugh knowing they are well trained forward operators with licenses to kill.

by Cookswithfire 1 week ago

When he says "This reminds me of when it snows in Alabama and we pull a tire behind a 4-wheeler!" I'm thinking, "Please, Destin, don't embarass us Alabamians in front of the MIT prof!"

by Brian Jackson 1 week ago

the most awkward moment ever caught in the Arctic

by Kovac 6 days ago

Soon: How i boarded the ISS in Space - Smarter Every Day 500

by moeykaner 2 weeks ago

I love how awkard those PhD's students were lol

by Ban 1 week ago

As a Canadian Im proud of what our troops have taught the Americans about the Arctic

by Benjamin McLauchlan 1 week ago

This looks like the final stand map in Battlefield 4

by PsychLone92 KR3 1 week ago

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