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Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME (How Pulleys Work) - Smarter Every Day 228

#Physics of #what is science #Education #how do pulleys work #Science & Technology
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If I did this right then these are Amazon affiliate links to purchase a snatch block. (I have no idea what I'm doing)
$22 - black 8 ton - 5 stars - https://amzn.to/2DMR4s8
$25 - red 8 ton - https://amzn.to/355WoTi
$29 - orange 10 ton https://amzn.to/2OWQFdb
We discussed Snatch Blocks on this episode of the No Dumb Questions podcast, https://www.nodumbquestions.fm/listen...
If you'd like to 3D print the Snatch Blocks and pulleys we use in this video they are here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:402....
Read Plutarch's account of Archimedes, http://www.math.pitt.edu/~sph/osher-c...
The wikipedia page on Block and Tackle is really good, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Block_a...
I thought this was a great video about why you should put blankets on your winch cable: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPba-...
Chris Hadfield is a veteran Canadian Astronaut and a great friend of science. He engages the public often and is a great follow on twitter: https://twitter.com/Cmdr_Hadfield
He can be contacted for speaking engagements here, https://chrishadfield.ca/
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Jeremy Fielding has his own YouTube channel which you can enjoy here!
A special thank you to MurkyWanders on Twitter for videoing the Atlantis exhibit for us..
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SmarterEveryDay photo 1 Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME... SmarterEveryDay photo 2 Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME... SmarterEveryDay photo 3 Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME... SmarterEveryDay photo 4 Why Snatch Blocks are AWESOME...

Snatch Block!
I want to take a moment to thank those of you who support Smarter Every Day on Patreon. I'd also like to point out 2 things about this video.
#1. You'll notice Jeremy Fielding is in this video. He's the "Contraption Fabricator" that's started working with me now because of your support on Patreon. He's a great designer, father, and friend. You'll be seeing more of Jeremy around thanks to those who support at
#2. If you'd like to 3D print the Snatch Blocks and pulleys we use in this video they are here:
#3. I really enjoy KiwiCo and I think you will too. I got them as a Christmas gift for my children years ago, and it was a huge hit. It was after that experience that I reached out to their team and asked if I could advertise for them because of how good it was for our family. I think you'll enjoy it too.
It was 3 things... I ended up pointing out 3 things.

by SmarterEveryDay 6 months ago

"I can curl 120 pounds"

Me with 17 pulleys

by Mr Fluffy 2 months ago

Never seen someone so exited about physics as this guy.

by Ivan Macouzet 2 months ago

Does anyone else have the impulse to buy a snatch block despite knowing you’ll never ever use it?

by Josiah Anunciacion 2 months ago

Destin talking to camera: let me explain how this works
Talking to others in Alabama: NA tha's a thing a beauty ma fren

by Gold Arrow Productions 1 month ago

Kid: "Hey dad, why did you call my sister Rose?"
Destin: "Because mom loves roses"
Kid: "Thanks, dad"
Destin: "No problem, snatch block"

by spacechicken 6 months ago

Gym Bro: I lift 300 lbs, how much can you lift, bro?
Physics dude: SNATCH BLOCK! I can lift your whole house BRO.

by Ben Silver 1 month ago

“Pully are my favourite things in the world” Laminar Flow: Am I a joke to you?

by The Real Noom 1 month ago

Snatch blocks are this man’s FlexTape.

by Philip 2 weeks ago

I would have died if the sponsor was SnatchBlock.

by Scholar Whip 6 months ago

Me - "Oh hey look, a video about pulleys and snatch blocks!"

Smarter Every Day - casually inserts Commander Hadfield

by Alexander’s Adventures 2 months ago

I love hearing Southern folks around other Southern folks, our accents get 100x stronger. Destin is no exception

by Logan Martin 1 week ago

"Two plus two is four" minus one that's three, quick maths

by Tigre Demon 1 week ago

- Single Snatch Pulley
- Double Pulley
- Quadruple Pulley
- Quadruple Compound Pulley

by Gavin Lynas 4 weeks ago

I felt like I was watching a really long advertisement for a product called snatch block

by Komoluna nole 6 months ago

This felt like some weird SnatchBlock™ infomercial. I'd buy a couple.

by feloberto 3 weeks ago

Whenever you said snatch block, it reminded me of that scene in The Office with PARKOUR!

by Egemen Begüm 1 week ago

i worked on oil rigs for the last 3 years and this is literally how we make the blocks move. the 3d printed pieces at the top and the bottom there look almost exactly like the skeleton of the crown and the blocks of a rig.

by dallas w 2 months ago

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