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World's Longest Home Run (The "Mad Batter" Machine) - Smarter Every Day 230

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Believe it or not, the wikipedia article on the home run is pretty great.
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Happy New Year! There's a lot more to explore here. For example, the coefficient of restitution! If you work for the MLB and would consider letting me in on some baseball science I'd be game. P.S. Besides the obvious answer of Cal Ripken Jr., who was your favorite baseball player as a kid?
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by SmarterEveryDay 5 months ago

Stands behind wood on day 1, stands behind steel on day 2.

Well that lives up to the name. SmarterEveryDay

by Jonathan Petherbridge 5 months ago

When Matt starts playing baseball on Wii sports.

by Nessie 1 month ago

You know it’s fast when it starts going backwards.

by ShebaGirl 2 weeks ago

“Ahh What a beautiful day”
Gets hit by a random helicopter bat

by iim Zen 3 months ago

“Longest home run” yeah well my dad ran from home for 15 years 😎😎

by Giorno Giovanna 1 month ago

it looks like the ball hit the skybox

by Ryanside 2 months ago

Everyone gangsta till the baseball bat start sounding like an attack helicopter

by Trash Beats Only 3 months ago

At , It literally moves FASTER THAN THE SHUTTER SPEED. If this is 30 rotations PER SECOND.

by TinkerStamp 1 month ago

"Guys let's play some baseball"
Builds a helicopter

by Red Rolo 5 months ago

"We only had single phase, we have to set it to three-phase"
"So that's the faster button"

by Dennis W 3 weeks ago

That ball is long gone, just-a like the ex-girlfriend who will never return!

by Cука блять 3 months ago

The fact that Ruth did it in the 20s with a mushball tells me he would have hit a modern ball well over 600 feet in-air

by Pete Batfish 3 months ago

I love how the stupider the thing Destin’s doing, the more southern his accent gets.

by Jonah Whitt 4 days ago

Everybody gangsta till that thing takes off like a helicopter

by Raw Bingus 5 months ago

"hopefully we can get one in those cows"

Sweeeet home Aaalabama

by kcbsuiejd 3 months ago

this is how your computer sounds like after 5 minutes of using it

by BlockyVoid 3 months ago

I feel like he's overlooking the fact that aluminum bats break too.

by stevemeters 2 weeks ago

Imagine a pro player swinging so hard he threw his bat over the fence

by Tuc 3 months ago

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