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A Psychic Predicts Our Love Life

#breakups #why we're bad at dating #psychic predictions #psychic #People & Blogs
We're trying to get better at dating in 2020, so we had a psychic stop by to predict our love lives!
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"Survive the year, it's gonna be harder than we think"

Did Courtney just predict the Coronavirus?

by Kawaki Uchiha 2 months ago

Courtney on her first resolution: “Stay alive, it’s gonna be harder than you think!”
Me in March: “Damn she... maybe she’s the psychic.”

by John Kummer 2 months ago

“Survive the year, it’s going to be harder than you think ” - Courtney

March 2020 - “it’s corona time”.

by Madison XD 2 months ago

Turns out Courtney was the real psychic predicting the coronavirus making life harder in 2020

by Ray Flannery 2 months ago

“Your partner is probably famous”


by Colour 3 months ago

Courtney: connecting with other humans
Coronavirus and government: NO

by VELOCITY F1 2 months ago

“It’s gonna be hard, survive the year”

Coronavirus: okay. Who told her

by Oscar Helicopter 1 month ago

The most impressive thing was how fast the dude was shuffling the cards without looking at them.

by Lance Anderchuk 2 months ago

Just for fun they should have a real psychic read Damien

by LMR23 3 months ago

Tommy: "your lover is not in this

Shayne: *dies inside"

(Edit): omg 100 likes tysm OwO

by Shelby tout 1 month ago

courtney: i'm not straight
psychic: continues to only refer to her future partner as a male

by Lucas Monroe 1 month ago

Shayne looks like he has been crying for 45 minutes straight before making this video...

by Mild Shock 3 months ago

"We brought in a psychic"
Damien * reluctantly enters the room* : "Guys. No."

by Elfin Dreamer 3 months ago

Psychic: Shayne, you're protecting yourself from someone who hurt you.

Shayne's brain: It's not my fault Samantha let the baby do shots

by Lizzie Hollick 3 months ago

Me, the psychic: “Courtney, stop looking for an angel, because he’s right to your left”

by popanga 099 4 weeks ago

shayne's was so intenseee he looked like he was taking it all IN

by madzlikes cats 3 months ago

"He might be hard to catch, he might be popular or something"

ChRiS pRaTt

by dont eat pringles 1 month ago

do a video of “why are we NOT dating”
huh? uh? eh? nobody?


by Obi Wan Kenobi 1 month ago

"Sunflowers seemed nice for myself, 'cause I was like ' we're just friends'." That's a mood.

by BuddyBoo 2017 3 months ago

If Shayne has had his heart broken bad like he said, and based on shayne’s reaction I’d say that’s true, I wanna ask that girl why?! Cuz shayne is so nice and down to earth and isn’t afraid to feel. 100% a catch inside and out.

by Brandi Fleming 3 months ago

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