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Acting Out Your Smosh Fan Fiction

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We’re acting out YOUR Smosh fan fiction! You’re… welcome?
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Noah literally had a mental breakdown because Keith is more stylish than him.

by Simona Končiutė 2 months ago

I love how everyone's so fascinated by Keith and Noah's fanfic

by Excited Edamame 1 month ago

Shayne will be playing Shayne
Olivia will be playing Olivia
Sam will be playing Sam
Noah will be playing Noah
Courtney will be playing Courtney

Damien will be playing Brian.

by Bill Cipher XtoZ 1 month ago

Olivia kept eating the churro , even though it wasn't in the script. That's some RDJ level acting.

by Achal Mehra 1 month ago

Everybody: an actor in the black turtle necks Courtney: actually the rock

by Lauren D. 2 months ago

“Keith chokes on his drink.... bUt ThAt’S uNrEaLaTeD

by jamie kersey 1 month ago

You know someone legitimately ships Shayne and Courtney when they refer to them as Shourtney instead of Shartney

by Elfin Dreamer 1 month ago

Keith: * Slaps noah*

Noah: * laughing like a pyscho*

by Deanna Tillman 1 month ago

Noah: “Shane looks over putting on his blue beanie..”
Shane: puts on yellow beanie

by Caleb Jacob Reed 1 month ago

"Keith chokes on his drink. But that is unrelated."

by Alyssa Gee 2 months ago

Noah: kisses Keith
Shayne, Courtney, Damien, and Olivia: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

by Starry Niku 4 weeks ago

Someone needs to write a fan fiction about shayne and the mirror he takes selfies with 😂😂

by Hey Zoe 1 month ago

"I wish my boyfriend was that sweet!"
Everyone: ......


by Megan Soldatke 1 month ago

"My name is SHANE." He sounds like a really, really proud kindergartener at 😆

by Norwegian Bicycle31 1 month ago

"we're all wearing our turtle necks, we are now true actors"
Me: *thinking about the Dwane the rock Johnson meme

by Pinkrabbit 111 2 months ago

Shayne: stretching weirdly

Courtney: ‘.... HOT!’

by spring editz 4 weeks ago

i can’t find any comments saying “i wrote one of these” even though i’m 100% certain the writers are watching. i would guess because they’re embarassed

by ew why 1 month ago

Keith: “Tela—T- T”

Shayne: “telepathy...”

Keith: “telapia—“

by •Munchii Chan• 1 month ago

Sam’s protective boyfriend hand swoops in to stop Olivia from giving the Churro to Shayne.

by Heathbunny 1 month ago

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