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You know him, you love him— Here are some of Shayne Topp’s most iconic jokes on Try Not To Laugh!
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Cold Open // TNTL #7 // https://youtu.be/QD2soPmU1UU
Intro // TNTL #24 // https://youtu.be/HDHidJG25Jc
Old Man Saves Joke For Later // TNTL #25 //.
You’re My Favorite Pizza Place // https://youtu.be/gl7dEvE9kVo
Captain America’s Phase 2 // TNTL #7 // https://youtu.be/QD2soPmU1UU
Naughty Little Bunny Boy // TNTL #24 // https://youtu.be/HDHidJG25Jc
Blown Away // TNTL #13 // https://youtu.be/MybhMOSaItc
Gotta Catch ‘Em All // TNTL - Back to School Special // https://youtu.be/ouG2AmMp3jU
Want Some Of That Loud? // TNTL #7 // https://youtu.be/QD2soPmU1UU
Clarissa Pees // TNTL #24 // https://youtu.be/HDHidJG25Jc
Just Saw Black Panther // TNTL #5 // https://youtu.be/RWwGmaLl6uM
You’re My Favorite Pizza Place Goes International // TNTL #22 // https://youtu.be/7SglORAYhMc
Looking to Enter Abercrombie & Fitch? // TNTL #22 // https://youtu.be/7SglORAYhMc
You’re Watching Disney Channel // TNTL #22 // https://youtu.be/7SglORAYhMc
Looking to Enter Dave & Busters? // TNTL #25 // https://youtu.be/gl7dEvE9kVo
Cheating Fruits // TNTL #22 // https://youtu.be/7SglORAYhMc
Baja Fresh // TNTL #5 // https://youtu.be/RWwGmaLl6uM
Sir Humble Brag // TNTL #24 // https://youtu.be/HDHidJG25Jc
Surprise Pizza Place // TNTL #10 // https://youtu.be/Xc31xR7KFN4
Stripper Problems // TNTL - Back to School Special // https://youtu.be/ouG2AmMp3jU
Dab On ‘Em // TNTL #24 // https://youtu.be/HDHidJG25Jc
Shayne Auditions For Hermione // TNTL #7 // https://youtu.be/QD2soPmU1UU
Long Lost Son // TNTL #9 // https://youtu.be/xbIdoL_Zm0c
“Shayne, Do Something Funny” // TNTL #3 // https://youtu.be/Gb7xq3th3wM
Who Let The Baby Do Shots??? // TNTL #10 // https://youtu.be/Xc31xR7KFN4
Tall Glass of Milk // TNTL #9 // https://youtu.be/xbIdoL_Zm0c
Will You Accept This Rose? // TNTL #21 // https://youtu.be/K7t8dxZsOQo
Ignored By Olivia’s Boyfriend // TNTL #10 // https://youtu.be/Xc31xR7KFN4
Ready For My Prostate Exam // TNTL #25 // https://youtu.be/gl7dEvE9kVo
Read The Bible // TNTL #10 // https://youtu.be/Xc31xR7KFN4
The Waiter With Disturbing News // TNTL #4 // https://youtu.be/LBNOr9iRy1w
Sassy Leg Infantry // TNTL #26 // https://youtu.be/-0nR1EXkJ7M
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Smosh Pit photo 1 BEST OF SHAYNE TOPP (Try... Smosh Pit photo 2 BEST OF SHAYNE TOPP (Try... Smosh Pit photo 3 BEST OF SHAYNE TOPP (Try... Smosh Pit photo 4 BEST OF SHAYNE TOPP (Try...

I really want to know how Shayne comes up with this crap

by bts_lover101 10 months ago

I'm not sorry, the sassy leg infantry just....kills me every time. My god.

by CrazyChik96 10 months ago

what have i learned? shayne actually looks like captain america. and damien looks like bucky.
please make a skit😂😂

by Maddy 9 months ago

Shayne should be on SNL 😂 he's got the characters and humor for it

by Jacob W 9 months ago

There are two characters that get me. 1.Sassy leg general 2. Old man

by Austin 6 months ago

The Sassy Leg Infantry still makes me laugh every time!!! LMFAO!!!

by DragonTamerBenji 10 months ago

That Sassy Leg Infantry is pure Monty Python-level brilliance.

by God of Drink 2 months ago

Me: I'm leaving home
Mom: To do what?
Me: To join the sassy leg infantry.

by ok Boomer 10 months ago

If they play D&D Shayne should bring out that old dude as a bard for sure

by Grace Deakin 10 months ago

Who else want a "Best of Damien Haas" version? I swear, he is brilliant in every try not to laugh.

by Cherri Bomb 4 months ago

ah man. you missed the pizza place one where shayne calls his dad and finds out his parents are getting a divorce.

by Ace Diamonds 10 months ago

Shayne's seriously the most talented member of smosh.

by Gabriel Hoekstra 8 months ago

Nothing beats the Bachelor bit.
"When you sat on that fire hydrant and made it disappear..." 😂

by Sajel Dunlop 8 months ago

Wow, Shane knows how to say “Your my favorite pizza place” in 6 different languages

by Pizza Rolls 8 months ago


"Jessica I told you not to let the baby do shots!"

I swear to god shayne is becoming my favorite person on this earth.

by Madelyn Zaccari 3 months ago

Shayne understands comedy so well, his humor is so crazy and yet so logical, I love him

by Vincent Morot 10 months ago

This one isn't as popular, but I think about it a lot:
" -I just got kicked out of a Baja Fresh.


murder :) "

I've said this by myself so many times now, it's become an inside joke 😂

by Kroko Mez 10 months ago

After the leave of Anthony, Shayne is by far the most funnier in the interie Smosh, even more than Ian.

by Hard Roxas 9 months ago

“We frickin’ R E A D T H E B I B L E”

by BAALOFFICIAL 4 months ago

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