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How Do You Ruin Pizza? - Eat It Or Yeet It #11

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Today, Garrett ruins pizza for us for 15 minutes straight. This round of Eat It Or Yeet It just may be our *LEAST* favorite pizza place..
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Why does joe look like the dad from inside out

by your mother 3 months ago

“You’re ok eating that??”
Shane drank egg whites and thought it was water

by Shoulderpads-mcgee 3 months ago

How Damiens "get down with the thickness" gets ignored makes me sad

by Tom Welfringer 3 months ago

Matt: You can't ruin pizza for me.

Later on Matt: Whoever likes pineapple on pizza should die!
Later later on Matt: The crust?! Are you insane?!!!

by Somiaz 2 months ago

I legit thought Damian broke the table when he rang the bell

by Chloe Brown 3 months ago

“The twist is it’s big. Is that not enough?” — Garrett 2020

by CanadianCatDog123 3 months ago

"What's the spicy? Is it the thing or the thing? What's the spicy?"
"It's the thing"
Task failed successfully

by Jasper Vermeer 2 months ago

" who ever likes pineapple should die!"

Me with my pineapple pizza slice
"Well mom my time here is gone farewell"

by All of you gotta_chilll ok 2 months ago

“it’s got pig stomach”
Damien nods and shrugs, taking another bite and looks at outraged Garrett like he’s dumb

by Daring Dog 2 months ago

Courtney: "This one has pig stomach!"
Damien: nods and takes another bite

by The GentlemanPirate 3 months ago

that Demon Slayer opening chant is perfectly in place and I love it.

by Ars Solum Yubi 3 months ago

When they edited in the hole after Damien hit the bell real hard I thought it was real for second.

by Kathryn Catabas 2 months ago

As someone who like pineapple on pizza I feel personally attacked😂

by N F 1 month ago

He should have said “HERE’S JOHHNY!”

by Aaron A 3 months ago

Matt Rob missed a perfectly good chance of saying “here’s johnny” and im upset about that 😂😂

by Jose Camargo 3 months ago

Bro when Matt did the Sarah "noooooo" i lost my sh*t😂

by Ishaq Sarap 3 months ago

"Down with the thickness"
-Damien Hass 2020

by Raian Rimon 2 months ago

“Like the stomach...you guys are okay eating that?”

Meanwhile menudo is a thing

by Cristian Gutierrez 3 months ago

"What's the spicy? Is it the thing or the thing?"

"...it's the thing."

by Julianne Moreland 3 months ago

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