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Real Couple VS Shipped Couple | The Newlywed Game

#Real Couple VS Shipped Couple | The Newlywed Game #funny #smosh pit #smosh #People & Blogs
Does a real couple or a shipped couple know each other better? We’re putting Samlivia and Shourtney to the ultimate newlywed test!
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Now time for a bromance vs bromance.
Shayne & Damien Vs. Noah & Keith

by Russel Peñas 4 months ago

Sarah: are you actually dating?
Courtney and Shayne: we’re dating Jesus
My disgusting brain: ...at the same time?

by Maya Bauer 2 months ago

So you're telling me their ship name isn't saliva?

by maria1318 3 months ago

This reminds me of that one episode of Victorious where Jade and Beck break up because they lost Sinjin's game show against fake couples

by mdugan 3 months ago

Sarah: Ladies, if you didn’t have the career you have now what would you have picked?


Shane: Drugs?

by gay_ trash 4 months ago

Sam: “I’m going generic”
Olivia:”Don’t say communication baby”
Sam: Its ReWind Time

by Jazz Sho 4 months ago

What's the most attractive quality in a mate?
Courtney: humor

by Bri 2 months ago

the amount of courtivia scenes in here is astonishing...

by Sour Nugget 1 month ago

shayne was so cute in this video. 🤍

also, shartney should fake date for a day. all of the dating stuff included.

by It's ZZ 3 months ago

Sam has an elongated nose.
Olivia has a tiny nose.
Their child's nose: GODLY

by Lindsey Bakken 3 months ago

Olivia owns no other outfits. Oliva in a track suit is the only option. She has become one with the track suit.

Olivia IS a track suit.

by Jordan W 4 months ago

shayne and courtney’s response to “are you guys actually dating?” was the exact response me and my ex gf had when we were hiding our relationship... hmmmm

by ew why 1 month ago

Courtney: teammate
Olivia: you just got friendzoned hard
Shayne: *stone cold face*

by Nina 1 month ago

I literally JUST realized that Courtney is left handed

by Cram Bang Goon 1 month ago

Sam: thinks his asian girlfriend likes rice
Me: nervous sweating

by iamkylehi 4 months ago

I love how shayne and Courtney know each other so well that they said the wrong answers about each other

by LampLighter 1 month ago

I think shayne laughing at his jokes makes them 10x better usually.

His laugh is beautifully great

by J Gray 4 weeks ago

"that's exactly what our problem is"
Shayne and Courtney: This is why

by Janie Reynolds 2 weeks ago

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