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Try Not To Laugh Challenge #45 w/ Brock Baker

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Today we’re trying not to laugh with the master of impressions, Brock Baker!
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The amount of times Shayne has dressed in drag and flirted with Keith is ever-growing.

by Karma Day 2 weeks ago

I got genuinely interested in the plot of Shane’s Elsa bit

by That Lemon Guy 1 week ago

tommys humor is so underrated, i cry of laugher everytime its his turn

by Wonder Phoebs 1 week ago

Nobody literally nobody:

Gangster Goofy: WHeREs mY MoTHer YuCkIn MOnEy.

by Luna Soap ASMR 1 week ago

WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT “Everyone’s shorter than me and dressing their age” PLEASE COURTNEY ICANT

by Luna Soap ASMR 1 week ago

Is no one gonna talk about Damien's singing skills?! He's actually good!

by Eli V 2 weeks ago

We’re all talking about Damiens singing but the real winner is Courtney

by Natalie Andes 1 week ago

Why's no-one talking about Damians look of pure joy when Brock came out with Goofy?

by miko foin 5 days ago

See what no one's ACTUALLY talking about is how good that Winnie the Pooh voice was

by ManCaptainPokey 1 week ago

Tommy literally has elite comedy, all of his gags were literally hilarious like he needs to be in smosh videos way more often🤣

by CactusSav _ 1 week ago

I'm convinced that shaynes ab workout is just him laughing at his own jokes.

by Visualize Infinity 2 weeks ago

best line of this episode- "TSA took my claws away" - that voice caught me off guard and i spit mountain dew on my keyboard....

by Haddy the Creator 1 week ago

I seriously want Shane and Ryan from BuzzFeed Unsolved to come in and try this. Anyone with me?

by Ava Melvin 1 week ago

Y'all should do a try not to laugh, musical chairs edition. It's kinda like the gauntlet, but the person making people laugh has to make everyone laugh before they can join the people trying not to laugh. The first person who laughs replaces the person who was just making people laugh. This continues for the rest of the round which can last however long you want although I would suggest 5-10 minutes. At the end of the round, whoever is not in a hot seat, is out. Then one of the hot seats is removed. The round starts over and the person trying to make people laugh is allowed to use the person who was eliminated in their bit. Once it gets down to two or three people, you switch into more of a duel mode, where everyone who got eliminated tries to make the people who are still standing laugh. Last one to laugh wins.

by Logan Robertson 4 days ago

Damian has an amazing singing voice, it’s like he was a Disney actor.... oh wait

by Liza Lou 2 weeks ago

Dude I'm starting to think Courtney and Shayne are related beacuse they act A LOT like sibilings.

by Eddie Rogers 1 week ago

You guys need Impractical Jokers in this series.

by James Collins 1 week ago

Keith popping in on Tommy's "Venice Beach" bit is not being appreciated enough in these comments!!!

by hurricanejay17 1 week ago

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