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We Read Our Creepy DMs

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We read our creepy Instagram DMs... and acted them out!.
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I'm watching this for the first time, and holy crap this is amazing. I was in Japan when this was filmed, and now I just get to sit back and enjoy the improv. 😁

by Damien Haas 5 months ago

Fav line from shane:

"And I promise, I will find the huggy "

by Honest Bee 2 months ago

And now, my first child shall be named "Christmas Beauregard"

by J Herbert 1 month ago

"Yo homie g skillet"
“Yeah dog”
I died

by anni peura 2 months ago

“your not johnny”
”oh you are johnny-“

by Neo LPSTM 3 weeks ago

Is nobody talkin about how Shane has snapes accent down perfectly

by Ginny Buller 4 months ago

Are we not gonna talk about Noah always moving to give his comfortable seat to others while others wandered around awkwardly trying to sit on the couch.

by Abdullah Khan 1 month ago

“I’m 9 years old and full of anger” 😂😂

by Moon Witch 3 months ago

This is what I always say to students:
Shout out to the asian girls

by nice 1 month ago

When Shayne does an almost perfect Snape impression

by Dire Destroyer88 1 month ago

When shayne laughs it’s like there is finally world peace

by Snip Cap 5 months ago

Are we gonna ignore the fact that Olivia said “guess who gave me that” like it was someone well known, and then didn’t actually tell us who it was?🤷🏻‍♂️

by Alex Horsfield 3 months ago

Noah moved so Olivia could sit down ❤️😭

by Azydoll 3 months ago

This is like the most entertaining video I’ve ever seen

by Armstrong 22 1 month ago

my fav line from olivia:
" I hAvE bEen SeXuAlLy AttRacTed To YoU EvEr SinCe yOu pUt oN mY LEg”

by Demon Em 5 months ago

would have been better if Olivia said to Shayne: I was sexually attracted to you ever since you turned me on.

by Slimey 24 2 days ago

Shayne: "Shout out to the Asian girls."

by Janie Reynolds 2 weeks ago

Can I just say that Courtney’s outfit is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Bissa Money 1 month ago

"No one ever likes me"
sniff I felt that

by Ashlee Hill 2 days ago

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