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We are challenged to find out how well we know each other when we play The Test, from Friends!
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“Shayne is the awkward fifth wheel”


by Dave Deen 7 months ago

Moral of the story: They ALMOST know each other.

by Thelma Taco 10 months ago

Keith “ I like it when you boss me around”
also Keith “ can I just say my partner wouldn’t let me choose...”

😂 Keith is so salty 😂
Edit I knew they were joking around 😒🤦🏽‍♀️😂

by Jamie You don’t know 1 year ago

Shayne: “What did I do growing up that got me into trouble?”
Courtney: “DROWNING!”

Guys I straight up choked on Italian dressing and it went up my nose and let me tell you, that burns.

by Cat-Pool Deadpool 10 months ago

shayne: who inspired me to do acting?

courtney: willy wonka....?

by jo 1 year ago

shayne is no longer the awkward fifth wheel since he has damien c:

by Alexis Stansfield 11 months ago

Courtney: goes door to door asking for friends
Neighbours: calls police thinking she’s a missing child 🤣🤣😭😭🤣🤣

by Shayleigh S-F634 11 months ago

No one:
Literally none of them:

Olivia: I wAnNa Go BaCk

by AlieN XO 1 month ago

Shaynes happiness and laughter is so god dam contagious

by CommandBlockV1 1 year ago

Shane : what celebrity does Courtney get mistaken for the most
Instantly me : COURTNEY FRICKIN MILLER !!!!!!!!! 👌 I totally got it right

by Hannah McCarthy 10 months ago

How old was Noah when he had his first kiss?
Olivia: 16! 14?
Courtney: Give him some credit...
Olivia: 5...?
Courtney: too much credit...

by oh my god 1 year ago

Noah: we haven't decided yet
Keith: WE choose Kirsten wiig

by DRJN YEET 1 year ago

Shayne is my favorite smosh member

Like if he is yours too

by LunarFlare 8 months ago

i always come back to this video. its so funny 😂best part is when keith answers and noah is shook

by J Connor 1 year ago

Everyone: * trying to guess Courtney's life soundtrack*
Shayne: * says that they were wrong and says the right answer*
Courtney: WAIT NO THAT IS INCORRECT!!!!!! THAT IS NOT RIGHT!!!! NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Rachel Bowers 1 month ago

“What?! But you kissed a boy!”

-Courtney Miller, 2019

by Elanor Andres 10 months ago

Shayne looks genuinely scared.

by Gabby 11 months ago

Idk why but I wish that one of the questions about Shayne was “who’s my favorite pizza place??”

by tj coolman 101 10 months ago

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