every annoying person ever

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The fidgeter:
People with ADHD: so this is a personal attack

by MEA - 4 months ago

“Your kids a little splattered”

“eh, I’ll make a new one”

by neveensvlogs 4 months ago

“We served in Korea at a French restaurant called the American” 🤣🤣🤣

by EAGY MINUTE CRAFTS !! 4 months ago

My life is a constant struggle of trying not to be the “one up-er” but also trying to show people that I relate to them and empathize with their problems...

by I Want Cupcakes 4 months ago

Why is the person who doesn’t close the door not here? My literal biggest pet peeve

by Violetwing 4 months ago


5 minutes earlier

Ian: maybe we could get a bite of-


by Ericebowl 2 months ago

Damien was so uncomfortable with ian talking in his face in the skit that that side of his face turned red lol

by Anthony Colasessano 4 months ago

Some more suggestions:

Every beach ever
Every art school ever
Every SAT ever
Every Macy’s ever
Every Pepsi ever
Every Dairy Queen ever
Every Olive Garden ever
Every little ceasers ever
Every musical ever
Every fundraiser ever
Every lemonade stand ever
Every Outback Steakhouse ever
Every terminator ever
Every chemistry class ever
Every author ever
Every rock band ever

Please respond

by John Sonia 4 months ago

The devil's advocate was definitely matpat😂

by Martin TV 4 months ago

"We were more than friends, but it was war time so no one asked any questions."

by Angel Diaz 4 months ago

Man: Opens bathroom door
Dude on toilet: "ahHh, occupied!"
Man: "Are you still.. pooping?.."
Toilet dude: " Yeah.. I have good aim.."


by liz 4 months ago

Kid: walks slowly

Me:so u have chosen.death

by isolate cookie 4 months ago

Shayne and Damien: slap knees

Guy in beanie covering his face: hehe

by Vretta Beats 2 months ago

The devil’s advocate is Mat Pat.

by Spoiled Milk 3 months ago

omg yes i agree with the one: “you haven’t seen that movie?”
like no i haven’t seen everything omg

by WindyShows 4 months ago

Damien: Starts slapping legs aggressively like a gorilla
Shayne: Starts to slap aggressively as well
Courtney: Help me
Other Smosh crew: Nah lmao

by Jake White? 4 months ago

"are you still pooping?"
"I have really good aim"

by Crunchy Water 1 month ago

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