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NCT 127 'Chain' MV

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NCT 127's 1st mini album in Japan "Chain" will be released on May 23rd, 2018.
Title Track "Chain" Music Video is has been released today!.
01 Dreaming
02 Chain.
03 Limitless.
04 Come Back.
05 100
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NCT 127 Japan Official
#NCT127 #NCT127_Japan_1st_minialbum #Chain #Release #180523

#TAEIL #쟈니 #MARK #WINWIN #NCT 127 #Come back #JOHNNY #NCT #태용 #Dreaming #마크 #Limitless #윈윈 #100 #JAEHYUN #태일 #YUTA #해찬 #유타 #Chain #HAECHAN #TAEYONG #도영

SMTOWN photo 1 NCT 127 'Chain' MV SMTOWN photo 2 NCT 127 'Chain' MV SMTOWN photo 3 NCT 127 'Chain' MV SMTOWN photo 4 NCT 127 'Chain' MV

When Taeyong said iendidlsomxicnfidnxjidmsodnxiadj

I felt that.

by skarut 1 month ago

unpopular opinion : this was one of their best styled comebacks, literally everyone was looking so 🔥

by Neo enthusiast 1 month ago

when taeyong goes :

i'm dead

by fullsun hyuck 2 weeks ago

Ending the MV with a Yuta solo shot was the best decision SM has ever made

by Klarixaun 3 weeks ago

Just My Opinion: This song deserves more recognition 😬

by Bianca Luna 2 weeks ago

People be forgetting this era and I’m disappointed(y’all I never said everyone)

by Minhee’s Long legs 3 weeks ago

Taeyong rap
Winwin lines
Taeil high notes
Haechan center

this is perfect.

by oktavyy z 2 weeks ago

why is no one talking about CENTER JOHNNY

by a 1 month ago

Taeil’s visual in this era is no joke omg I died

by Pada Pari 1 month ago

I always come back to this mv. Everything is perfection: their singing, rapping, dancing, outfits, hair, presence, expressions,the location, beat, editing, mood, just everything. Everyone slayed on another level. Don't ever sleep on this song, cuz they shined too bright in this era to be forgotten.

by SWISS KPOP CORNER 4 weeks ago

Korean members: "From Seoul"
Foreign members: "To Tokyo"

by JX 4 weeks ago

came here while streaming punch ahehe. again, taeil literally look beautiful hereee

by hera mae 2 weeks ago

I’m sorry but this was everyone’s era
Chain was really THAT song wow

by M ً 1 month ago

Taeil's high note + Winwin finally having lines = HEAVEN

by Fangirl? Fangirl. 4 weeks ago

yuta: is japanese
also yuta: gets like 3 lines in a japanese song

by irina placinta 1 year ago

ladies don't want just any kpop boy,,, they want moon taeil with an undercut

by Campbell Smith 3 weeks ago

i was afraid taeil’s high note was gonna break my phone screen😂

by Garris Hales 1 month ago

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