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Hamilton Cast Zoom Surprise: Some Good News with John Krasinski (Ep. 2)

SomeGoodNews photo 1 Hamilton Cast Zoom Surprise: Some... SomeGoodNews photo 2 Hamilton Cast Zoom Surprise: Some... SomeGoodNews photo 3 Hamilton Cast Zoom Surprise: Some... SomeGoodNews photo 4 Hamilton Cast Zoom Surprise: Some...

Nobody tell John when the quarantine is over so he'll just keep doing these.

by Camilla Broderick 2 months ago

Not gonna lie, this channel is probably my favorite thing to come out of this whole mess...

by Ken McAllister 2 months ago

Have I seen Hamilton? No
Do I know literally a single thing about it? Nope
Did I think that was awesome? yep

I still haven’t seen Hamilton but I’ve listen to nearly every song multiple times and lemme just say that the room where it happens is a literal BOP
also I didn’t expect this comment to get so much traction lol

by squib 78 1 month ago

"...our meteorologist, Robert DeNiro..." ARE YOU SERIOUS

by Octobris 1 month ago

And just like that..Ellen has been replaced.. This guy rocks.

by Tom Joslin 1 month ago

Ladies and gentleman I would like to announce that John Krasinski has officially won youtube

by Maddie Jane 2 months ago

John and his wife- just super classy. They are such a great influence

by John Barrett 2 months ago

Bro imagine your Zoom call getting Zoom-bombed by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I know I'd cry.

by Frey The theater kid 2 months ago

Everybody: dancing, moving, swaying
Lin: Standing Dead straight, motionless, staring at the camera🤣🤣

by Isabel gisb 1 month ago

When they started singing Hamilton I was like “WHO IS CUTTING ONIONS!?”

by Kieran Murray 2 months ago

I just hope he doesn’t stop doing this even after everything's normal.

by Sahil Gupta 2 months ago

You're gonna be the biggest and best thing to come out of this whole panmess.

by Claude D'Netto 2 months ago

How can over 3K people dislike this video!? I'm not religious, but y'all need Jesus.

by Janica Aclao Janssen 1 month ago

John Krasinski continues to prove how Essential he is.

by Jenn Howard 1 month ago

John Krasinski is possibly the coolest human being to walk the earth.

by Jens Shumway 2 months ago


by sasha marcus 1 month ago

I forgot that emily and john lives together and when she popped up i literally screamed

by alexiel axel 2 months ago

like imagine one of the casts family members coming in and being like what are you doing then they’re like “SHUT UP IM DOING A MUSICAL”

by Alianna Vultaggio 1 month ago

I can't stop crying, the Hamilton surprise is the sweetest thing I've seen in ages.

by Camille Friedrich 1 month ago

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