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John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell on Some Good News [FULL INTERVIEW]

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John Krasinski calls Steve Carell to be the first interview for his new show Some Good News. They celebrate The Office's 15 year anniversary and share their favorite memories. More importantly, an excuse for two friends to reconnect with each other.

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SomeGoodNews photo 1 John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell... SomeGoodNews photo 2 John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell... SomeGoodNews photo 3 John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell... SomeGoodNews photo 4 John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell...

Next we need a Rainn Wilson interview

by Sxover 1 month ago

The only reason I don't want to see Steve with grey hair is that I don't want to accept that he's getting older. He needs to live forever

by E S E 1 month ago

Steve looks like an ex US president

by Liam C 3 weeks ago

Michael: "Just to see your face is so great."
Jim: "I miss you a ton, man."

Man u can see their emotion here

by medi0cre 1 month ago

when John said "you make me smile, that's for sure," what i actually heard was, "you've always left me satisfied and smiling."

by Kyle Jarvis 1 month ago

Should do a quick collab where everyone from 'The Office' is working with Zoom conference call for the day.

by TheHellogoo 1 month ago

“That’s what”

by Madd .y 1 month ago

“There’s no downside to being known for the office”
Meanwhile, Rain Wilson trying time get into dramatic film and being seen as Dwight.

by Hippie8 Studios 1 month ago

15 years later and it’s trending on Netflix in one of the top 10s. Wow, what a masterpiece. 🙌🏼

by Mills 1 month ago

Is it just me or John's voice sounds way different than when he played Jim?

by Retro Eshop 1 week ago

Binge watching The Office - getting me through this quarantine.

by Sharon C 2 weeks ago

John DOES NOT AGE. He could literally resume his role as Jim as if it was the next day and not the next however many years have passed lol

by Lyv Rue 1 week ago

The dislikes are people who only watch Friends

by Jake Mills 4 weeks ago


by Aviation Anytime 1 month ago

The dislikes are all just Dwight in different Wigs

by L.R Kirby 1 month ago

“Say hi to Emily”
“Who’s that?”

by SmolDobii 1 month ago

He doesn’t even sound like Jim dude. Like ... what did you do with your voice john?

by Tyler Lashway 2 weeks ago

All ‘the Office’ references in the comment section are priceless 😭

by John Cruz 1 month ago

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