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Some Good News with John Krasinski: The SGN Community Episode!

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Some Good News has always been… about YOU!  SGN wants to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this story. For sending in your clips, weather reports, and art. For watching, laughing, crying, dancing, and celebrating with us. There IS always GOOD in the world!  Now it's time for everyone to continue to spread good news in their own ways. We're taking a break for now, but there is more to come! Stay tuned.
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Special thank you to andradaymusic for the beautiful "Rise Up.".

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SomeGoodNews photo 1 Some Good News with John... SomeGoodNews photo 2 Some Good News with John... SomeGoodNews photo 3 Some Good News with John... SomeGoodNews photo 4 Some Good News with John...

You guys are proof that there IS always GOOD in the world!

by SomeGoodNews 1 month ago

Who knew that 2 weeks from your last episode, we would need SGN more than ever...

by A. W 3 weeks ago

And when the world needed him most... he vanished.

by Daniel R 3 weeks ago

This show ends and now the world is burning down. I think there is a correlation

by Tylor Kenniston 2 weeks ago

This was great while it lasted. I'm really sad you will not be continuing and sold the concept. While everything is a business opportunity, this was much better when it wasn't about making money. I get you have a real career and will be getting back to it. But it could have just been it's little thing that it was and didn't need to become a sellout thing.

by Michelle Watson 1 month ago

This literally sucks now I can’t watch it. The thing that was unique about this show was it was raw and organic and now it’s going to be studio produced ugh

by Ava 3 weeks ago

John I am in my 60’s, quarantined alone at home. Your weekly SGN show brought a smile to my face, tears to my eyes, inspiration in unknown times, and hope in fellow mankind. I will always remember the positive you bundled in a 20 minute segment for us to use as fuel to power through the next week. I will miss your show as I’m assuming 8 is what we get! Thank you for the extraordinary positive message you gave us.
A forever fan...

by Debra Ramirez 1 month ago

This time, I started crying the moment the little girl started crying in her father's arms.

by Vidhi Jayswal 2 weeks ago

Does anyone else notice that John is about to cry almost every time in every episode?

by Abhinay Sambaraju 1 month ago

Now I know how Michael must’ve felt like when Jim transferred to the Stamford branch and started working for Josh...

by Liezl G 2 weeks ago

The fact that he sold this show to CBS in my opinion is the definition of "some bad news" what gave it that edge above others was that it wasn't programmed by a big entertainment company. At least we got 8 great episodes before selling out😔

by Chris House 1 month ago

John: Sells his beloved series to CBS
Me: Is this an out of season April Fools Joke?

by Kurran1998 2 weeks ago

Oh man...I wish this had gone over to PBS instead. This is a global community show. It needs the same heart.

by Jaz Musique 1 month ago

SGN isn't just a show, in 8 weeks John has created a movement of people around the world. It's fundamentally a better place for this show, John's efforts and all those who helped put it together with content, editing, producing as well as Emily and his kids. A well deserved break for all to recompose for the future. Thank you to everyone who made these last 8 shows happen, and here's to the future

by PedalBox 1 month ago

a lot of people are talking about how john Krasinski sold out I really don't know his reasoning and I am not going to judge him but it doesn't matter to me because this show has really warmed my heart put a smile on my face and spread happiness and joy, which in these times are really
important and can change lives. So no matter what John I just wanted to say thank you

by Joel Tan 3 weeks ago

So sad to see this go to CBS. Always looked forward to this every week, but won't be buying a subscription to CBS for it. :(

by Fauna D 4 weeks ago

sad it's gonna be behind a paywall and with a different host, another thing spoilt :(

by serena 4 weeks ago

When the father hugged his daughter under chemo after his 2 months of self-isolation and air hugs.... I can’t stop crying 😭

by itsmejinsol '-' 1 month ago

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