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The Office Cast Reunites for Zoom Wedding: Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 7

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John Krasinski highlights some good news around the world (including weather from Emma Stone) and has his friends from The Office join in to surprise a newly married couple. Special thanks to Emily Blunt for the intro and Zac Brown for the live performance!
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SomeGoodNews photo 1 The Office Cast Reunites for... SomeGoodNews photo 2 The Office Cast Reunites for... SomeGoodNews photo 3 The Office Cast Reunites for... SomeGoodNews photo 4 The Office Cast Reunites for...

We've still got LOVE! Thanks for joining us for the SGN Wedding!

by SomeGoodNews 3 weeks ago

Stanley doesn't have internet at his lighthouse in space.

by Alcar Perez 2 weeks ago

Fun Fact: Oscar is 61 years old, while Steve Carell is 57

by Advay Rajesh 2 weeks ago

why does John sound more and more like Steve as he grows older lol

by granny's broomstick 2 weeks ago

Never clicked so fast seeing โ€œThe Office Cast Reunitesโ€ my life is about to be made

by Jackie E 3 weeks ago

ok but how many people can say that they were married by john krasinski

by Cassidy Taylor 2 weeks ago

John krasinski sounds like he's trying to imitate Michael when he talks loudly

by The King 2 weeks ago

why arent we talking about the kid at the end playing the office theme in 10 different genres
he killed it

by marinara sauce 2 weeks ago

I just realized Angela wrote "It is your wedding." on the sign

My heart.

by JL909 2 weeks ago

I just came here to remind everyone that Ryan started the fire.

by Oscar 3 weeks ago

Ed Helms finally gets to bust the moves he was not able to in the original, since he was on a walker.

by indorock 2 weeks ago

Oh Stanley fell asleep somebody tell him its Pretzel day.

by Ryan Kulcsar 2 weeks ago

This one episode of sgn, is better than anything on TV for the last 5 years

by Erick Gutierrez 2 weeks ago

I was laughing and crying. I was laughing, because seeing Rainn kick his wife like at Pam and Jim's wedding was funny. I was crying because I miss The Office and the cast. :(

by AutumnRegUwU 2 weeks ago

Identity theft is not a joke Emily. Millions of families suffer every year.

by Gurudev Prasad 3 weeks ago

John krasinski is one of the best people walking this earth, that was so nice

by Sander Deforche 1 week ago

Iโ€™m sorry but who the heck dislikes these videos

by Judah Jeffries 1 week ago

I literally cried when all the office cast danced on that song๐Ÿ˜ถ

by Kaif Ahmad 2 weeks ago

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