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Rose Caught w/ Someone Else? Big Ed DRAGS Her LIVE on 90 Day Fiance

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Ed embarrasses Rose on 90 Day Fiancé, and she decides to expose him on social media.
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He cheated on his ex wife and he wanted Rose to take std test to make sure she's not "someone that sleeps around" THE AUDACITY

by Dini 1 week ago

why are people saying that “she’s too young” to have a children when sHE LITERALLY ALREADY HAS ONE SHE KNOWS WHAT ITS LIKE💀

by I eat Shit 1 week ago

Rose seems real defensive of her past, probably for a reason too. How overwhelming & invasive. Rose is a good mother & definitely deserves someone with a few inches of neck.

by Angelica 1 week ago

" she needs to save up and get tf out of the Philippines "
As a best friend of a Filipino, i find this extremely offensive. It's common sense that saving up money to get out of a country is not as easy as that person claims. Also, why does she need to get out of the Philippines? You can work and get plenty of money in the Philippines, you dont need to move to another country. This is absurd. Ridiculous. Offensive.

by Aelozar 5 days ago

“Your legs were kind of like mine . They were hairy” Ed, you have legs of a Chewbacca. Don’t you dare compare her legs to yours

by GamesStudio Mobile 5 days ago

Rose said that her ex-boyfriend left her when she got pregnant. Its too sensitive for her to just talk about it..

by Goldabloone Tresha 1 week ago

Ed was the problem NOT Rose. Rose has given him many second chances. And yet he still hasn't owned up to his mistakes

by Infinitely Cringe 3 days ago

If she was using him for money, she wouldn’t have ended the relationship. Just saying.

by Bloxburg Tv series 4 days ago

Its absolutely disgusting how he talks about women like that when he himself looks like Humpty Dumpty

by Hanako-Kun 1 week ago

"I like the view."
"you do?"
"you're my best view."

by Zoe 1 week ago


by YOUR CEBUANA GIRL 6 days ago

“Hairy legs on woman is less feminine”

me watching this and haven’t shaved my legs in two weeks in quarantine: 👁👄👁

by DailyLifezz 6 days ago

Let's All face it, ED is a very rude, horrible, disgusting, unfaithful and disrespectful person. There was so many red flags with him. Rose and her family where very respectful, kind, and truthful to him. They practically brought him into their family and culture. She's young, beautiful, a Queen and is to good for him she can do so much better and she slays haters she's not a gold digger she a great person NOT ED.

by FlowerBae Day 5 days ago

I don’t think Ed realizes that people are laughing at him not with him.

by Sincerely Eccentric 1 week ago

Me with my hairy legs as a female : “boy, go get a neck before criticising women”

by syalunii 1 week ago

Im sorry but, ed broke up with his ex wife because HE cheated on her?!

by dear, presephone 6 days ago

Yeah...she only wants money but then tells people not to give money to the scammer. Then doesnt ask for the money herself. She says not to give money to ANYONE under her name, including herself. I know scammers, shes not it. People in these countries are actually happy for the most part and get by just fine without the american lifestyle. And she lives with family because that's how life is there.

by ShockCo Truth 1 week ago

Ed is an insecure man. So, rather than risk finding out she didn’t like him, He found things wrong with her.

by Bolden Fam 6 days ago

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