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Mike Tyson - The Most Brutal Boxer in the World!

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In the spring of 1985, a real killer from Brooklyn burst onto the scene, one of the most gifted heavyweights in history, according to many boxing fans. He very quickly made his way through the entire division of heavyweights and knocked out everyone, one by one. The fighter possessed an excellent attack style, elusive speed and ruthless killer instinct, which has no equal to this day. Iron Mike Tyson. Today we will show you the most brutal and aggressive knockouts of the legendary Iron Mike.
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Tyson is intimidating. He is a badass. Great athlete. Very successful, earned a lot of money. He still is very respected.

by Born Winner 1 week ago

If you look in the mirror and say "internal bleeding" 5 times, Mike will appear....

by David Oakes 2 months ago

Against Marvis Frazer Tyson's upper cut knocks him out cold, and the second head punch wakes him up

by Joseph Henry 1 month ago

amazing how fast mike was considering his size

by Jeff 2 months ago

would like be a replica between Ali vs Tyson if both had met at their primes.
That moment brings Ali's swagger to mind, and how Tyson can take him out. Match ends: Tyson wins!

by Randy Atimi 1 month ago

I was just watching Mike's opponents face and facial expression before the fight began in face off and when the fight ended 😁😁

by Sumit Sawrav 1 month ago

Mike Abdul aziz Tyson and Muhammad ali are the greatest of all times

by Hussein sp 2 days ago

Mike had incredible power, but what sets him apart is his insane speed, he moves like a welterweight

by Stijn M. 2 months ago

the ref saw his life flash before his eyes lol

by Juan Jaimes 2 months ago

I did not know that sheriff Hopper was a pro boxer...

by Viktor Lukács 2 months ago

Tyson vs. Johnson: Tyson walks right up to Johnson, delivers one punch, - and the fight is over!
No wonder they're giggling and high-fiving back in Tyson's corner.

by Jason Dessing 2 days ago

I like how mike immediately went to help him up, he’s brutal when your fighting but merciful when he sees you’re beat

by Oisin Van Niekerk 1 month ago

Imagine if whenever humans at our time of life when we're about to die death shows up and death is secretly mike tyson in his prime and if you win against him you get 20 more years to live if not you die

by Lil'Sirbee #2 1 day ago

Tyson was the most dangerous boxer of all time.

by Mohammed Khan 2 months ago

that speed that power still unmatched to this day by any heavyweight

by MsBetke 2 months ago

Quando eu era adolescente adorava assistir as lutas de Mike Taison, mesmo que durassem segundos. Até aí tudo bem, hoje vendo esse vídeo observo que a maioria dos seus adversários não tinha um bom porte físico , apesar de serem mais altos que o Mike... vejam bem eles quase não tem músculos observem com calma, tem uns dois barrigudinhos, fica a dúvida será que não eram lutas fraudulentas? E naquele frisson da mídia em torno das lutas esses importantes detalhes passvam despercebido do telespectador. Observem.
Não quero tirar o mérito de Mike, teve aí uns dois no máximo três que dava pra perceber no visual que eram atletas de ponto.

by Claudionor Claudionor 1 month ago

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