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Josef und Jürgen - Das Beste aus 2 Jahren PK`s des BVB

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scheiss egal von welchem verein man fan ist, klopp is einfach n geiler trainer das muss man respektieren..

by Sinan Kleb 3 years ago

Wenn man das sich so anschaut, und den hohen Unterhaltungswert sieht, könnte man für die Pk tatsächlich Eintritt nehmen!

by Rob Halford 5 years ago

I will give a translation on this for the non-germans here.
For information: The guy next to Klopp is Josef Schneck, spokesman of BVB.

KLOPP: Mr. Schneck to cashpoint no. six please.
SCHNECK: Excuse me...

KLOPP: You will ask stupid questions again, we will give stupid answers again, it’s just things that maybe repeat themselves but nevertheless are nice every single time… we’re looking forward to it.
JOURNALIST: Speaking of stupid questions: womens’ world cup! Do you watch the games, do you follow the games, how do you think of it, who is the favourite in your opinion?
KLOPP: Good, yes…yes…Germany.

JOURNALIST: Jürgen have you already figured out how to solve the problem at the man-marking position, if Owo (Patrick Owomoyela) or Marc Hornschuh will play there?
KLOPP: Ehm… yes…But we do not play man-marking… these are central defenders, Walter (name of journalist). Maybe you have played man-marking right after the war or something…

JOURNALIST: Mainz 04 is well known for…
SCHNECK: Oh, Carmen Thomas just had a revival… (Carmen Thomas is a former German sports journalist who accidently said “Schalke 05” and became kinda famous because of that)

SCHNECK: By the way, it has been clicked more than 200,000 times right now on our homepage…
KLOPP: 70,000 times by Josef.

SCHNECK: Ivan (Perisic), for the ones here who can speak French, it would be very nice for him to get questions asked in French.
(Wants to repeat it in English): Ivan, if anybody is able to talk French…
KLOPP: But this is English!?
KLOPP: “Die Sendung mit der Maus” (A German TV-show for children which also deals with foreign languages)
SCHNECK: Vous voulez parler la Francaise avec Ivan, c’est possible, oui??
…thank you very much, so do not be shy, Annika has a Microphone for you.

SCHNECK: I just got to know that adding to Sebastian Kehl who is suspended, Manni Bender also will not be able to play. This, according to my not authoritative assessment, will make you worry, or will have made you worry!?
KLOPP: If Manni Bender was missing, it would not be so bad… you know it is just “Manni” or “Sven Bender”. Manni Bender still is the other one (former player at Karlsruhe, Bayern etc).
SCHNECK: Yeah thank you, that is right…

SCHNECK: Are there some other personalia (latin), and stuff that you just need to know for the game?
KLOPP: Personalia…?
SCHNECK: That is the plural form of personalium.
KLOPP: Personalium? Ah yeah… that’s nice…

SCHNECK: For the ones who do not know the concert hall here, it is next to Borussia Dortmund the actual “Heiland”(redeemer, slipped of his tongue), Highlight of this city.
KLOPP: Oh now he’s going crazy…the actual Heiland!?...

SCHNECK: The songs that will be intoned in the stadium tomorrow will be understandable for everyone, for example the nice singing:”Deutscher Meister steh auf” (German champion stand up), which is meant to invite everyone to stand up… Normally everyone will be able to understand it. (Klopp laughing)

SCHNECK: Just to remind you, when the singing “Deutscher Meister steh auf” starts, this also is directed to cameramen, photographers and print-journalists, tv-journalists… it is not forbidden for anyone even on the press gallery to shortly put some air to your butts, and express your enthusiasm.
KLOPP: Put air to the butt? Is that the right phrase for that? Now people put air to their butts?
SCHNECK: So they put air to the chair?
KLOPP: Dunno, but if I imaging putting air to the butt is kinda…
SCHNECK: Maybe someone can correct me what I wanted to say?
KLOPP: Standing up was what you wanted to say.
SCHNECK: Standing up was what I wanted to… yes that’s what I meant to say. So, thank you very much for your interest in today’s press conference…
KLOPP: You can put air to your butts now.

SCHNECK: May I just ask Lena a question, is “Klopp” in Ukrainian “Kloppo”?
INTERPRETOR: Ah, you decline the names.
SCHNECK: Ah yes.
KLOPP: I have an Ukrainian nick name.
INTERPRETOR: As in German there are four grammatical cases, in Ukrainian there are seven and so every name gets a special ending to it.
KLOPP: What are the German ones called once again? Just for all the people here…
INTERPRETOR: Nominativ, Akkusativ, Dativ, Genitiv.

KLOPP: No… unfortunately this was not the question I think…

SCHNECK: Thanks Jürgen, I just want to welcome Siggi Held (BVB-Legend) who we did not see here at a press conference for a long time. Siggi, I’m really happy that you are here. It’s always a nice thing to see a legend here.
KLOPP: He just got a voice like Gilbert Becaud as I found out. He is going to sing here in a little while.
SCHNECK: C’est la rose… (Klopp “singing”) …do you have some questions to ask?

KLOPP: Ups… hahah, everyone else is able to play.
INTERPRETOR: (silent) I am sorry for that.
SCHNECK: All players can play.
INTERPRETOR: (translates)
SCHNECK: But it’s nice to hear that “ups” means “ups” in Ukrainian as well.

SCHNECK: Lolek and Bolek I think are names which the coach gave the Poland-connection…
KLOPP: Yes but there are three polishmen. Robby, Tobby and the (I cannot understand what he said there :D )

KLOPP: The alternative to the outside of the right foot when you face the ball like this is the left foot or the left leg and honestly, if I compare those things I rather use the right outside of the foot than the lifeless thing that hangs down your body on the left side…

KLOPP: Did anyone of you announce that I was exonerated from the things that happened in Düsseldorf?

KLOPP: That is why they are not called “Dolmetscher” but “interpretor”.

KLOPP: How many days do you have to spend in front of your computer to find out such a shitty information?

ZORC: What’s up, why do you look at me that way?
SCHNECK: No, everything is fine…
KLOPP: Yeayeayea, I just want to say: Are you two retarded or what?
ZORC: Why?
KLOPP: No one told me that this is going to be announced today…
SCHNECK: Ehm I also had no idea that Michael (Zorc) would do this…

SCHNECK: Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, welcome to the press conference before the derby with Jürgen Klopp and Michael Zorc (TIMELAPSE)
…and so soon I finish.
KLOPP: Well, Josef already got the derby-fever. Fine. This have been 12m13s…. yes. That was a Boris-Rupert-question.
SCHNECK: Actually it was not a question…
KLOPP: But there were some questions within.

SCHNECK: And the referee of this game will be Manuel Gräfe, who already attended us this season in Stuttgart and at the cup game in Düsseldorf… yeah, so we could start (sees the mess that Klopp has made) oh, wait a minute.
KLOPP: Oh… do you have a cold?
SCHNECK: No but I also got some tissues in my pocket… now no more.
KLOPP: But you can have them back… I’m sorry.
SCHNECK: Not a problem.

SCHNECK: Thank you, are there some more questions? No? So thank you for your interest and also thank you for the police protection we enjoyed today, very nice.
KLOPP: I felt myself so safe.
SCHNECK: Me too… so, I hope we all meet up again to a press conference before the final. So, have a nice Thursday… or wait, what day is it? Monday, Monday, okay.

SCHNECK: Are there some more questions? If not, I would like to say something. Last time at the press conference I thanked for the police protection. On the right sat two friendly police officers, on the left sat one. Just for explanation: These are young police officers who learn to know the Signal Iduna Park as part of their education, and so I said that when they are here when there is a press conference they of course are welcome to join us.
So they did this, I said thank you for this, Jürgen said that he felt himself very safe and protected. As a result, many people called the press office of the Dortmund police department and asked questions like: who were the officers? why were they at the press conference? Does this have to do sth with the new wave of violence in German football?
You will not believe, in some internet-blogs people were speculating about if now the police has to join Borussia Dortmund’s press conferences…
From now on I will stop making jokes like that.
KLOPP: Me not.
SCHNECK: Nevertheless I say thank you even if we had no protection today, it was very good though.

KLOPP: Jawoll (Yeah)! The Kitzbühel alps are workers’ alps. That’s what I understood of it. We are a workers’ club, so this fits perfectly well. Nevertheless we will come. And that is not a cue. We just want to go to a nice place (starts laughing). Where Bayern make their vacation we are working. That’s the way it is…

KLOPP: Josef got a little piece of paper here with the note “compliment to Carsten Cramer (BVB-Marketing-director).
ZORC: That is what it says, yes. I also have to say that Josef pleased me to also quote some nice words towards him, but to be honest I just cannot find an entry to this. (starts laughing)
SCHNECK: Thank you, but after these happy news let us get to business.

KLOPP: Something happened to me for the first time since long ago. I went outside the stadium on Friday late after the game to my car, when someone came out of the VIP-area and told me: “It’s been a mistake to take Gündogan off the pitch, everyone said that!”
So I said: “Sorry”

KLOPP: I meet lots of people in a week… “If you do not reach it now (champion) I become Schalker”… that is was also someone said. 3,000 people got an autograph but not him, even if he wore a yellow kit… you must not forget there are children around as well…you are not allowed to say everything if you stand in front of me.

SCHNECK: So if the coach now finishes…
KLOPP: So long you could tell of yourself, you know, Josef was ill yesterday.
ZORC: Not only yesterday.
KLOPP: And the day before yesterday.
SCHNECK: I would like to…
KLOPP: What was your disease?
SCHNECK: (coughing)
KLOPP: Oh, aftereffects.
SCHNECK: I really would like to…
KLOPP: You better say it by yourself, otherwise I do it.
SCHNECK: I think this belongs to privacy…by the way the coach just wanted to bypass the time he ate his roll, and we made it now.
KLOPP: The third one.
SCHNECK: Yeah Jürgen, so now let us get back to business…
KLOPP: Questioning faces…
SCHNECK: Questioning faces…but I also have a question: Is it a coincidence that the guys from the radio always sit there on this side? ….aaaah, very good. You see, I learned something new.
KLOPP: After 40 years you got this information…
SCHNECK: I think you have to ask when the question comes to your head.

(Ringtone plays)
SCHNECK: Oh, how nice.
KLOPP: Okay so let us make a quiz out of it now. I think this is Miss Marple… isn’t it?
KLOPP: Yea? Great. Josef, now you can tell us who played the female chief part in it?
SCHNECK: Margret Rutherford.
KLOPP: Aaaaah… She sat three rows in front of you in primary school. (laughing) good… beautiful ringtone.

KLOPP: Who was it? Or aren’t we allowed to say?
SCHNECK: My bet. In German “Mein Bett” (which actually means my bed)… sorry.
ZORC: Good, very good that was an important advice.
KLOPP: To wrap it up you could say they also come/cum too quick…

JOURNALIST: What do you think of the new signings this season, especially what is your opinion on new youngstar Chris Lowe?
KLOPP: Chris Löwe aaaaah…
SCHNECK: You mean Chris Lion. (Löwe is German for Lion).
ZORC: He deserves a compliment for that.

SCHNECK: Boris, may I ask a question back. If we made a press conference before each of the 34 league games, why is this the 33rd one?
RUPERT: Because one was at Brinkhoff’s (a brewery)
KLOPP: He is such a nitpicker… where the nitpicker stands in the dictionary, it says: Boris Rupert.
RUPERT: I got punished for “nitpicker”, so be careful. (For information: Rupert is one of the narrators of the BVB-Netradio and he insulted a ref in the radio using this word and some more and got punished for that)
SCHNECK: The next question please.
KLOPP: A punishment for “nitpicker”? You paid a thousand euros for saying “nitpicker”?
RUPERT: Yes I did.
KLOPP: Cool. I already said it three times, this would be 3,000.
SCHNECK: Yes but Boris has been a repeater in that for years… so are there any more questions?

This part is already in English. ;)

KLOPP: So this is just your last Bundesliga-press-conference?
SCHNECK: That’s right, yes.
KLOPP: Wait a moment I try it again: So this is just your last Bundesliga-press-conference?
Journalists: Ooooooh…
KLOPP: Come on you can do it even better. So this is just your last Bundesliga-press-conference?

WATZKE: Thank you Josef, first of all I want so say sorry that I look so messed up, the damn Owomoyela did this to me on my way to the press conference, and I was not able to repair it now, but it is not important anyway.
I want to say to Frankfurt that I am personally really sorry for them, because Eintracht Frankfurt is a big… now here comes this idiot again…
…I think now we can end this, can’t we? I say thank you to all the people who attended us in this historical season.

SCHNECK: If there are no more questions I want to wish you a nice summer break, some of you will be in Berlin next week, we will be there of course, a nice vacation to Freiburg and I’m allowed to say that Mr. Streich not only because you were such a pleasant guest, but just because this club belongs to the sympathic ones in the Bundesliga.
So now, I can say goodbye as well as Jürgen Klopp for today, for me it is for always. (Klopp touching him) It’s been a great time here, and I keep it short that I do not start crying now. So I say: Have a nice weekend, please do you all keep your fingers crossed for us in Berlin, the “Double” in 103 years of history of BVB would be the greatest thing I could imagine. Thank you very much.

Upcoming text:
Dear Josef,
we thank you very much for these many years of collaboration and wish you all the best for the future!
The team of Sport-Live e.V.

by Martin Th 4 years ago

Eigentlich gibts für den Jürgen nur zwei Alternativen:
1. Bundestrainer
2. Comedian

Ich hoffe das zweite tritt ein

by Jeffrey Lebowski 5 years ago

Damals hatten die Pressekonferenzen noch Unterhaltungswert. Heute eher weniger

by Hurrai1 5 years ago

Wenn Kloppo kein Trainer wäre, könnte er sicherlich gut als Comedian herhalten.^^

by tonywu 5 years ago

ich kann mir das immer wieder angucken, ich finds super

by Lockenmaehne 5 years ago

die dame bei versteht scheinbar kein deutsch :-D

by Clawf1ng3r 4 years ago

das ist kein pressesaal ,das ist ein wohzimmer für klopp und co, einfach überragend unterhaltsam XD

by D R A G 2 years ago

Die ham doch jedesmal vorher gesoffen ^^

by Bane 4 years ago

Herr Schneck bitte an Kasse 6 xD
Kloppo ist der geilste

by fiazco4music 5 years ago

Diese Symbiose zwischen Kloppo und Herr Schneck. So natürlich, so menschlich inmitten von so einem knallharten Geschäft wie Fussball. Einfach nur herrlich und genial.

by Holding It Upside Down 1 year ago

Macht mir mal wieder klar, was das für eine Geile Zeit mit Jürgen Klopp war!!! Nun haben die in Liverpool ne Geile Zeit mit Jürgen Klopp, und denen wünsche ich viele Titel!!!

by Marco S. 1 year ago

Ich werde ihn vermissen! Kloppo ist der beste.
Grüße von der Weser :)

by putzer1531 5 years ago

Zwei Ikonen des BVB die einfach fehlen... Obwohl wir gute Personen auf diese Positionen haben... Kloppo und PEP Schneck fehelnen einfach

by Steffen Behrmann 4 years ago

Einfach ein klasse Typ dieser Josef!

by Rik Rok 5 years ago

"Herr Schneck bitte an Kasse 6." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

by Sandy Krieger 1 year ago

ich als schalke fan kann mir das 1000 mal anschauen ich finds einach nur geil xD klopp ist einach der geilste

by Jeronimo von Nahmen 6 years ago

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