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Squirtletae photo 1 5 MINUTES OF JOY'S BEAUTY Squirtletae photo 2 5 MINUTES OF JOY'S BEAUTY Squirtletae photo 3 5 MINUTES OF JOY'S BEAUTY Squirtletae photo 4 5 MINUTES OF JOY'S BEAUTY

i distinctly remember her saying ages ago, during predebut days, that when she saw irene, she cried when she went home because she thought she could never look as beautiful as her. PARK SOO YOUNG THIS VIDEO ITSELF SHOWS HOW BEAUTIFUL U ARE !!!

by Lyncelle Sumilang 3 weeks ago

She is not my bias but Joy in that red dress would forever haunts my dreams. Too iconic.

by Chimmy's Yellow Hoodie 1 month ago

Truly gorgeous and 70% legs

by Inès B 1 month ago

She is so beautiful. The world doesn't deserve Joy

by Meruert 1 month ago

Joy is the prettiest not only outside but also from inside☺️💚

by ftr rml 1 month ago

I am the only one that sees Suzy on her? When I first saw her before she has a suzy aura.

Specially on she looks so much like suzy but GOD DAMN! YOU CAN'T DENY JOY'S APPEAL! SHE'S SO GORGEOUS.

by Ryoichi Park 1 month ago

Unpopular opinion:Joy is the prettiest in red velvet a mean body, face,hair....like bruh

by Ari Lit 3 weeks ago

I’m surprised she isn’t officially given a nation’s title or something

by Lisyiana van Velden 1 month ago

Even tho she looks gorgeous in that dress, she seems so uncomfortable that I can't handle it.I'll always prefer their comfort over everything.

by Erika Contreras Chávez 1 month ago

Let's be honest,We all know Red Velvet is full of visuals!

by AP Gachan 1 month ago

I've just noticed that she looks a lot like Irene in certain angles.

by Xxxsorrow 1 month ago

Me: "I'm bise-"
Joy: exists
Me: "I am gay"

by its claynine 4 weeks ago

She looks best in red. 💘 She's the Red of Red Velvet.

by lypo phrenic 1 month ago


by hello its me 1 month ago

She’s the only one that can pull off such red lipsticks

by tinkerbread 3 weeks ago

I was actually shocked at first that she wasn’t a visual, when I got into Red Velvet.

by red peachyy 3 weeks ago

In my opinion, Joy's beauty and body stood out the most among the members! I love her bubbly personality the most! She is also very talented in hosting which i love !!

by smbb 3 weeks ago

I think she is the pretties in red velvet

by Milka Clara 1 month ago

I am such a simple person, I see Joy, I instantly click.

by Allianna Enriquez 1 month ago

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