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I Tried Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work

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I Tried Tik Tok Food Hacks to see if they work! Today we’re trying out some diy life hacks to see them in action! Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch the last one https://youtu.be/aGwjq5nYv4E Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack http://bit.ly/SubSSSniperWolf
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SSSniperWolf photo 1 I Tried Tik Tok Food... SSSniperWolf photo 2 I Tried Tik Tok Food... SSSniperWolf photo 3 I Tried Tik Tok Food... SSSniperWolf photo 4 I Tried Tik Tok Food...

Hellooooo friends what other hacks should I try next?

by SSSniperWolf 1 week ago

I love how Lia just starts the vid of with saying: "Today im hungry"

by Ananya Ghose 1 week ago

Her: “some people have a problem with sour candy”
Me: eating the citric acid from my science kit to satisfy my taste buds 😂

by Katie- potato 1 week ago

No one:
Not a soul
Me: watching this because I don’t want to do school work. 🙄

by Meredith Daniel 1 week ago

Tik Tok : Mc'Donalds no salt Fries
Lia : "orders fries" Neii,, even gave me a salt pack..

by Justine TheoMatrix 1 week ago

Lia’s parents: oh is she about to say her first words!

Lia: that’s illegal!

(Wow thanks for all the likes!)

by Aviva Key-Cohen 5 days ago

The one time lia records in the day and not at 3am


by Rita Botte 1 week ago

Me: see’s the sour skittles *
Me: eyes twitch* man I really want some skittles

by II Itz_Ash Playz II 5 days ago

I was wondering why her kitchen looked so different. It's becuase she wasnt filming at 3am

by Taylor Faith 5 days ago

Lia: "Got my green tortilla cause you know, we healthy."
Also Lia: continues to poor takis

by Theresa Graham 1 week ago

Me: fasting

Lia: *posts a food video*

Me: I see you chose to- food!

by Srinn 1 week ago

“Lemonade ain’t brown unless it came from bad lemons”
SSSniperwolf, 2020

by Ilikepineapples 101 1 week ago

Have anyone ever feed a random dog chocolate when you was a little girl/boy and now realized that you may have killed it 🤔

by TakeoverAnt ! 1 week ago

Takis burrito.

Lia: some spicy food

also Lia: takes out chapstick while cameras not rolling.

this is a refrence to one of her other food hacks.

by Avery Gordon 1 week ago

I love how he just says “this is the pusheen cup I got her” such a good bf

by olliebee410 1 week ago

Lia’s parent or whoever the hell raised this legend: Oh my gOD. SHE IS ABOUT TO SAY HER FIRST WORDS-!?!

Lia: Da... da... tha... AY YO MOM THATS ILLEGAL

by • Sunny Dayz • 5 days ago

“I’ve never had a burrito without meat”
Me: then you’ve never lived (bean and cheese burritos are delicious)

by Demitra Ranglas 5 days ago

Lia: gReEn! Cause ya know, we heathy
Also Lia: making a taki omelet

by ndgirl2001 21 hours ago

“This is the pusheen cup i bought her” was so cute for some reason 😭🥺

by Jojo Lucky 1 week ago

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