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Today we play a HAUNTED MAP in Fortnite!

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SSundee photo 1 ESCAPE The HAUNTED MAP in... SSundee photo 2 ESCAPE The HAUNTED MAP in... SSundee photo 3 ESCAPE The HAUNTED MAP in... SSundee photo 4 ESCAPE The HAUNTED MAP in...

No one:

SSundee: is about to die and says โ€œoh a bikeโ€

by BobBurger135 3 hours ago

He has a gun on his back and a shield in his hand and heโ€™s still scared?

by Epic clips 3 hours ago

Is it weird that I wasn't scared and was laughing the whole time?..

by Luna Gacha 2 hours ago

I think this was a refrence to jeeper creepers that scary movie

by Elijah Arteaga 1 hour ago

As I was watching this with headphones a car went by and I thought it was part of the video๐Ÿคก

by Bob Dupont 1 hour ago

menacing dude comes at ssundee

ssundee: do you have any sugar

by NA730 Plays 3 hours ago

I love how when he goes on the toilet his heartbeat went down


by Ammar Ahmed 1 hour ago

ME:That watch every vr horror there is
SSundee: I dont wanna continue!!!!!
Me: ;-;

by Warlito Dela Cruz Sr. 2 hours ago

Ssundee: what is that sound

Monster:making more loud noise

Ssundee :you are really good at it

Monster :makes more loud sound

Ssundee: no sir you can join a band

Monster :stops making sound

Ssundee: it stopped

Monster :gets in the elevator

Ssundee :screams!!!!!

by GAMER BOY 1 hour ago

Sundee says: you are good at the accordion

Suddenly music stops

Doors suddenly open and sundee gets scared

Me thinking: I wonโ€™t be able to sleep today night

by Aryaan Sridharan 2 hours ago

when he heard the explotion his bpm went down

by dibussh 2 hours ago

Finally watched to the end of the vid
Mission passed

by kiarash sahab 2 hours ago

I watched this at 1 am and laughed at how Ian can get scared so easily๐Ÿ˜‚

by Tariq Sukdev 2 hours ago

me: im a grown man! i can do this!! i wont cry!!
also me:*cries*

by NotFlatEarthing 3 hours ago

I love how he funny but pg for the little kids who watch "tomato juice "

by Slifermcp Lol 1 hour ago

This isnโ€™t scary I watch actual VRhorror do these โ€œmonstersโ€for me look like stick figures

by Alexandre Raphael 3 hours ago

I love that he is making everything PG lol, Tomato Sauce, Bags full of balloons

by Oludemilade Oduyemi 31 minutes ago

Non of the jump scares scared me but the only thing that did scare me was the level up noise

by Ashton. Osterhold 2 hours ago

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